Sunday, March 9, 2008

In Like a Lion

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted. Life has been hitting Tim and me pretty hard lately. On top of my injured knee (which still isn't much better, though I was able to run 2 miles on the treadmill the other day), Tim and I have both been sick, and also feeling lonely and a little down just about life in general. The big news, however, is that our house was broken into and burglarized a week and a half ago. This post would probably be very different if I were writing it closer to when the burglary happened, but at this point I want to forget things and move on as best as I can. The basic story is that I returned home later than normal two Thursdays ago after being out with a friend after work, and though I expected it to be dark, I did not expect our front door to be ajar when I came home. The whole night was terrifying, from waiting two hours for the police to show up to seeing the two gaping holes in the glass at the back at the house, where the thieves entered, which looked as disturbing and wrong as a limb bent the wrong way. They ransacked our closets, bedroom and office and took all my jewelry, a leather bag, my laptop, and all of Tim's crew medals and championship ring. There were some other small things taken, including Tim's cell phone charger, which just seemed to be done out of spite. We do have renter's insurance so most things can be replaced, but of course they were worth so much more in sentimental value than these thieves could ever know, especially Tim's medals and ring and a pearl necklace made with pearls my mom had been saving for me since I was born (it was a gift on my 21st birthday). Our feelings and emotions have run the gamut from fear and anxiety to anger at what has happened, and though we tried to get out of our lease, feeling that this just wasn't a place we wanted to live in anymore, our landlord has always been a real jerk and of course was only interested in getting his money. We've gone through a lot of ups and downs and have become very proficient in the Seattle landlord-tenant law, and finally decided not to pay the landlord the exorbitant sum he was asking just to terminate the lease but instead have a security system installed so we can be safe in the house again.

After all the crap we've gone through this last week and a half, we do have a lot to be thankful for. The first thing is that I wasn't home alone when it happened, and in addition to that, the fact that I had on my wedding rings all day. I would have been inconsolable if those had been taken, like when I was at the gym earlier that morning. I will never take them off again now. Another blessing is that the thieves didn't take my printed out manuscript or the thumb drive I had the electronic file backed up on. I was sick at heart once I saw the laptop gone and also the drawer where I kept the thumb drive wiped clean, but later I discovered that the thieves had put it, with a bunch of other cables, our iPod and Zune, in a bag which for some reason they neglected to take. I can only see this as God's grace that I have not lost my work from the last 7 months.

We're also thankful for our friends, Jenny and Johnathan, who let us stay in their home for more than a week because we were uncomfortable sleeping in our house. They have been incredibly hospitable and understanding in this most difficult of times.

At this point we are trying to just put our lives together, fill out the claim forms for the insurance, etc. It's been really difficult but God in his grace is helping us redeem our home (I see things as very black and white, and after feeling so violated knowing someone had broken into our home and rummaged through my things, I didn't ever want to live here again). I pray that he would also help restore feelings of comfort and security to our home and just to my consciousness in general; as many of you know, I've never felt entirely comfortable here.

Finally, I have now closed this blog so that it is only available to readers I invite. If you know of someone who has been reading our updates and whom I may not have thought to invite as a reader, please let me know and I'll send them an invite. I realize this may make it harder for some people to access the blog but I believe it's important for our added security.

We're doing okay, but exhausted and stressed. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.