Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New cell phones!

Cam: 425.351.0771
Tim: 425.351.0814

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

We sure had a blast at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival last weekend. We met Mom and Dad and Logan and Tiffany in Grand Junction, CO and then drove south to the tiny mining (read=major gold was found here) town of Telluride in a box canyon in the San Juan Mountains. The air was thin, the sky was blue, and it was amazingly beautiful to be right in the mountains at 8750 ft. A far cry from rainy, sea-level Seattle! Summer had not shown up by the time we left and we were happy to say good riddance for a little while. Plus it was a great time to see family for the first time since Thanksgiving (and my brother and sister-in-law since our wedding last July--11 months ago!).

The festival was so so fun. Basically you get a wristband and line up to set out your tarp on the huge field at Town Park and you can camp out there all day. About 8 acts play a day, with smaller shows at other parks and a program called Nightgrass, which is when the bands play in bars at night and you can check them out up close for a cover charge.

We slathered ourselves with sunscreen, went hiking, got up early, slept in, ate street food and dined out, made food at home, and enjoyed lots of ice cream! The house we rented was about 1/2 mile from the venue, which meant we could go back and forth several times a day instead of getting fried for 12 hours straight. The cool thing is that people can use your tarp no problem when you're gone, but always give up the space when you're back. We played cards and just listened to some awesome bluegrass every day. It was about 75-80 during the day at 45 at night: perfect, except for being so dry!

Some of our favorite bands, many of whom I'd never heard before, were Spring Creek, Del McCoury Band, Paolo Nutini, Brett Dennen, and The Swell Season. Arlo Guthrie was there but we weren't too interested; Bela Fleck was sorta boring; and the most disappointing was Chris Thile, formerly of Nickel Creek and now performing with Punch Brothers--they wrote this "opus" with multiple "movements" that was just plain dull. Maybe Nickel Creek ditched him for getting old, I don't know, but I sure do miss that band. Anyway, check out the Spring Creek website for some rockin' good bluegrass, and you'll get a good glimpse: One of my faves from them is the award-winning High Up in the Mountains.

Not all the bands were bluegrass: Paolo is from Scotland, and Brett is more California-reggae; The Swell Season is Glen Hansard from the Frames (a popular Irish band) and Czech-born Marketa Irglova--you might know them from winning a Grammy for their song "Falling Slowy" in the 2007 indie film ONCE. We saw them up close at a smaller stage in Elks Park. It was like sitting in the living room with them--amazing. And I didn't realize this, but she's only 20. Their harmonies are absolutely angelic and haunting. Couldn't get enough of them. Until they performed on the big stage later that night and started plugging Barack Obama. Sorry...but come on. Anyway.

It was a great time with family, and certainly a much-needed vacation (did I mention we're going to London on Friday to see Mike race at Henley? Yep, we're living the hard life this summer...all in support of family!). Check out our pics on Facebook by clicking on this post's title! Some of Swell Season up close to come from mom's phone. You don't need to be on Facebook to see them.

Miss you all!

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's June!

Well...I obviously have less time to blog now, so here is the month of May in a nutshell! We celebrated Tim's bday with a five course dinner and cabaret show at a place in Seattle called Teatro Zinzanni, which was good food, pretty fun entertainment (opera, magic tricks, dancing, comedy, acrobatics), and a great excuse to get dressed up. I forgot to take pictures for the most part but we did get to get Tim an actual suit (yep, he's graduated from the khaki pants and blazer), and I actually wore the dress from my junior prom! Why do I even still have it, you ask? I think I've just explained why. :)

Then over Memorial Day weekend my friend Dorsy was able to come visit from Washington DC--we hadn't seen her since the wedding! We had tons of fun walking all over Seattle, going to the park, making great food and eating out (Spanish tapas? doughnuts? Chinese pastry? rockin' Vietnamese? fondue? swordfish? All of the above!). Plus she was a fantastic co-hostess for our much-belated (but hopefully not overrated!) housewarming party! I was a dope and didn't take any pictures of the party, nor of Dorsy's visit (she's promised to send me hers), but I do have some photos of our place with some real furniture. Finally! And for those whom it may concern (David!), notice our TV is finally off the ground.

In other news, I finished my first revision of my manuscript and am well into the second. I just keep finding more and more to work on, which is a bit daunting, but still fun. Word count now is about 75,214. That's up several thousand from the first draft, and for me, I suppose, it's true to form. The second big piece of news is that the Cornell lightweights, following a stunning win at Eastern Sprints a couple of weeks ago, are returning to English waters to compete at the Henley Royal Regatta outside London in early July, and ... we're going! Those two plane tickets were the craziest impulse buy we've ever made, but it's just going to be fantastic to get to watch the guys row, tool around London, and basically have a vacation for just the two of us (not that we don't love you all). Call it an anniversary trip. That's right--it's been almost a year!