Monday, November 30, 2009

Piggy back ride

She’s started pulling my hair, and now Tim gets a taste of it, too!



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snuggly snuggly

I wrapped her up in a blanket to feed her once after a particularly traumatic diaper change, and we had a snuggle session after. Love this baby girl!


DSC_0312 DSC_0317 DSC_0322

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Linnea and Tim are asleep and I will turn in soon, but I had to jot a few notes about the incredible blessings I’m thankful for this year:

  • an incredible husband who is my best friend and provides for me, leads me, encourages me, serves me, allows me to stay home with our daughter, makes me laugh, and loves me like Christ loves the church
  • a sweet, sweet, precious baby girl who is more than I could have asked for. Healthy pregnancy. Healthy daughter. Her smiles, shrieks, squawks and squeals are a precious part of my day. I love her to pieces and can hardly wait to see her in the morning. Thank you, Lord.
  • Tim’s job, a warm home, food to eat, clothing. Car. Good health. A lovely community. “The basics,” which I often take for granted.
  • a sweet church community, especially godly women in my community group and the church at large, who encourage and challenge me. Because of community group and my sisters in Christ I have been encouraged to pray more in the last year than I ever have before. Thank you, Lord, for those who spur me on toward love and good deeds, and toward a closer relationship with you.
  • my parents and grandma being able to come out for the holiday. It was sweet for them to spend time with Linnea, especially her Great Grandma Jean, who hadn’t met her before. And oh, 3 months was the perfect age. Cooing and shrieking and playing up a storm. One of the best moments: Grandma telling Mom “You’re not getting your hands on this” when she was pushing Linnea in the stroller on our walk yesterday. Ha!
  • friends across the country, many of whom I see about once a year and still keep in great touch with. Ladies, you know who you are, and I appreciate those phone calls, texts, and emails. I miss you.
  • a more giving spirit in myself. In high school and college I was pretty uptight and less than generous with my time and other resources. The Lord is working on weeding that trait out of my life, and I am thankful that he hasn’t given up on me.
  • salvation. Jesus’ blood on the cross for my sins. Without that, none of this would matter. Not even turkey. More than all the heaps of blessings I have received in this life, I am thankful for the eternal life I will enjoy in heaven with my Savior. It will be better than all this, and that has got to be pretty amazing.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meeting Great Grandma

My grandma came into town yesterday to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, and it was so fun for her and Linnea to meet!



We will have a fun turkey celebration tomorrow!

Bath time!

Linnea is liking her bath more and more. My latest strategy is to put her baby tub in the guest bathroom tub and crouch down in there with her to get her all clean! We still do this only once a week…babies really don’t get that dirty (and ironically the part that DOES get dirty is the hardest to wash in the tub, since she’s sitting on it!) – also her skin is a little dry, so once a week does the trick for us.







All clean!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 12 Weeks, Linnea!

Wow the time has flown by already…can’t believe my little girl is already 12 weeks old! She is a constant joy and her daddy and I are having so much fun with her. Yesterday she woke up and when I went over to her bassinet she was lying there calmly, eyes open and smiling. It was such a great way to start the day!

We have had our challenges this week—including waiting in a 2-hr line at Walgreens to get the H1N1 vaccine for me, and driving home from doing errands during rush hour with all the traffic lights out (and therefore RIDICULOUS traffic!). But Linnea continues to surprise me with her flexibility and generally adaptable nature. She was totally fine waiting in that line (well, I held her the whole time, and fed her a bottle standing up—a new experience I hope not to repeat anytime soon!), but had a real fit in the car the next day, only to nurse and fall peacefully asleep for an hour and a half after we got home. She does keep us on our toes with her ever-changing bedtime, which these days is between 10pm and 12ish am, but long gone are those September nights when she was fussy for hours.

She sleeps great at night for the most part, will generally nap during the day, and is just a friendly and smiley baby to be around!

Linnea is already figuring out that, at some point, moving her legs and arms at the same time will move her across the floor when she’s on her belly. It’s fun to see her trying to crawl, though she’s got to build up her strength a little more if she’s going to move that belly around!

Although I wasn’t very regular with reading stories until about a month ago, we now read several books a day and that always includes a Bible story or two from The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, which Mary sent to us from their collection at home. When it came in the mail I recognized it as the same one my Grandma had at her house—I loved looking at the pictures! It’s so neat to be able to share that experience with my little girl.

One other fun thing is that her nicknames have really evolved to so many (and so many silly ones!) that I can’t even list them here—well here are a few, they have compounded: Linny Bean Bug, Baby Girl Doll, & I also call her Linnea Michelle quite a bit—but somewhere in the last six weeks or so I made the mental switch to really thinking of her as Linnea. It’s so fun to say her name (or really anything) and have her look over at me, knowing she recognizes me as the person she spends the day with. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home and care for my little girl every minute – and to get a little free time, now and then, as well!

And without further ado, some recent pictures!


She makes a lot of dirty diapers!


The reluctant muse…


So much bigger in her swing now!


She’s always rubbing her little feeties together—if they were her hands we’d know she was making mischief!


Long eyelashes!


Tim reminding Linnea of what she was like in the belly


She loves the activity gym Mary sent (tried and approved by many Psiaki children before her!), and can now reach up and bat at the toys hanging from it!


Tim did a daddy-daughter photo shoot one morning last weekend when I was at the gym…here she is modeling in her nightgown!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wild things

Here is Linnea’s new way of speaking…not the craziest slew of shrieks we’ve experienced, but representative of what she can do!

Notice how her little hands are folded…so proper! :)

Family photos

IMG_3818 IMG_3725

These were taken by a friend from church on October 17, when Linnea was 7 weeks old. Check out the rest on Facebook!

The latest on Linnea

It’s been a while, I know…hard to find the time to post!

But here are some recent goings-on with Linnea…

  • She is getting back to sleeping at a reasonable hour…usually around 11pm, and will sleep 6-7 hours! One night last week I tried to put her in her crib again and it was horrendous—she woke up 5 times and I was already sleeping poorly because I chose to camp out on her floor. Well, we’re back to the bassinet in our room, with the humidifier on full blast for her little congestion and also to muffle other sounds/soothe her to sleep, and it’s working well. I think baby’s going to be in our room a long time!
  • She has progressed from her cooing  to squealing and shrieking. We’ll have to put a video up soon, it’s hilarious. She’s like a little wild animal.
  • She has outgrown most of the 0-3 month clothes we have (she’s 11 weeks tomorrow!) and we’ll have to be on the hunt for the next size up soon!
  • She has been loving taking naps in her car seat and goes usually from 30 mins to 2.5 hours. Last Saturday we went to look at new cars (more on that some other time) and we were actually twiddling our thumbs waiting for her to wake up so we could go!
  • We have started to go on walks and do errands while she’s awake; Linnea tolerates the car seat and carrier much better now. She likes to sit up and look around while in her stroller and face out while in the carrier. I think whatever problem she had with the car seat has become an affinity…besides her naps, she sits in it some during the day as I cook or eat meals. Not the easiest thing to lug around the apt, but if she’s happy I’ll take it!


Here she is during some recent playtime:

Play Time and Pumpkin Patch 001 Finally fitting into the cute outfits from Jason and Michelle!

Play Time and Pumpkin Patch 005 Look how much bigger she is! For comparison…Baby Linnea 053

And more shots at play: