Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A look at our January

Here are some highlights of the last several weeks:


Linny still loves her toes, especially when they are bare at diaper time!


We had a fun visit from Grandpa Mark when he was in town to do some work. It was fun for baby girl to get to spend more time with her Grandpa and have a new playmate! Mark was very obliging and happy to get down on her level…


and to read stories he brought from home…



…on their backs just like Tim does! Now I know where he got it!


She is getting even better at standing up with help.

DSC_0408 And she’s definitely still a smiley, happy baby most of the time!


And—imagine yourself a nice hearty drumroll—she started on rice cereal! We waited another couple of weeks after her 4-month appt to do it since I wanted to see if her sleeping would get better on its own. It did for a few days…and then got worse. So we went ahead and tried it, thinking she must be ready! (Update: not to spoil the moment, but we’ve now gone back to the dr. and also gotten some medicine to help neutralize her stomach acid, as it looks like the real culprit is reflux. We are continuing with the rice cereal as well since that will stay better, and are doing the whole lovely hold-her-up-for-20-minutes-after-eating thing again. We have elevated her crib a bit, too, and the combination of all these things seems to be working well! she is back to 7-10.5 hour stretches most nights! Naps are still iffy.)



Looking ready! I LOVE this One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish bib we got from Microsoft!


Documenting the occasion!


Spoon in…




Easy! (For the record, it has not been sooo easy since…she’s still trying to figure out what’s going on!)


Daddy got to try.


Grandpa, too!

Check back in another couple weeks (just kidding…or am I?) for more photos…looks like it’s feeding time again!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In the crib

Linnea has been sleeping in her crib the last two nights because she’s simply getting too big for her bassinet. We tried to move the crib into our room because that seemed like a good thing to me, but after turning it on its side and trying to slide it out her bedroom door, then realizing it wasn’t going to work without taking apart the crib, we resolved to do it cold turkey and officially move our baby girl into her own room!

She has done well the last 2 nights and not seemed to have any problems with the crib itself; but actually getting her to bed has been harder than usual, probably because of other changes in her napping habits (read: having a hard time napping, too) and her desire to eat even more frequently. We might be moving on to that rice cereal a little earlier than I’d thought.

I’m doing okay with the switch; I do get a bit antsy around bedtime and I’m trying to dismiss the rising stress. We keep the video monitor on in our room at night but with sound only. I do get up a couple times a night to go check on her, waking automatically to do so the same as when she was in our room. Just a breathing check, basically, though I can hear her breathing over the monitor most of the time, as I used to when she was in her bassinet. We moved the humidifier into her room and are closing the curtains to help it be as similar to our room as possible; the only catch is we haven’t hemmed the curtains and we have to stuff them under the blinds so they don’t hang in front of the heater, which is under the window.

It’ll probably be a few weeks before we’re all completely comfortable, but the big switch I was dreading is now behind us without too much of an issue!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Staycation and Life with a 4-month-old

We had a great vacation at home with Tim off work from Christmas Eve through last Sunday. Our favorite thing to do most days was have a normal morning at home (wake, nurse, play, nap, nurse, play) and then go for an afternoon walk and stop at Starbucks on the way home. I think Starbucks probably ended the year in the black because of all our frequent visits!

We also spent a fair amount of time at the M A L L returning/exchanging Christmas presents we got each other which didn’t fit or just didn’t work. Tim has found his absolute favorite button-down shirt at Nordstrom Rack (the Penguin Original Heritage Slim Fit, if you want to know), so he is now outfitted for work and church and I will have to do less laundry.

We also enjoyed reading Linnea a lot of the classic books we bought her for Christmas, like the Sneetches, Green Eggs and Ham (did I mention Tim bought me the Spanish version and Sam is called Juan Ramon? Hilarious), Curious George in all his iterations, and more Frog and Toad books. We read to hear during tummy time a lot and it helps her stay interested while she’s working on those little neck muscles!

Linnea’s 4 month appt was Monday, 12/28. Nope, not teething, said the doc, but possibly ready for solid food! We’re going to wait a few weeks as her night waking has stopped again and I’m not in a hurry to pull out the spoon, bib, and rice cereal…but I know it will be a fun adventure when we do start. Linnea weighs 14 lb 15 oz (gained exactly 6 lb since birth) and is 25 3/4 inches tall (grown 4 1/4 inches). A big girl! I am amazed when I look at the two of us in the mirror—she has gotten huge! Still losing hair, and nearly grown out of the bassinet she sleeps in in our room. She has stopped sliding off the end of it now that we have it level on the floor again (spitting up has really decreased), but she is really end-to-end in there. The crib is looming and I think we’ll put it in our room to start, and have her get used to it in her normal environment, though she is regularly napping there in her room during the day. Part of the reasoning for this is that we have company coming…our friend Billy, who rowed with Tim and was in our wedding, now the freshman heavyweight crew coach at Yale (and on a recruitment tour); also Tim’s dad Mark will be with us for several days. So we’ll just keep things as normal for Lin Bug as we can and hope her great sleeping (10.5 hours straight lately) keeps up!

She is still loving her little feet as a new toy and is sitting up even better in the Bumbo. Our new trick for keeping her happy in the car or stroller (when she’s not asleep, which is often) is to have the monkey we got her right on her lap so she can play with it. If she starts to get fussy all we have to do is squeak it and that makes her laugh. It is the best little laugh ever!

We have heard of some friends who are newly pregnant and it is a wonderful thing to hear! It makes me think back to when Linnea was so tiny and fragile, which feels so long ago. She is getting to be a big girl now and I am continually thankful that I can be at home with her, and that I have the privilege of being her Mommy. She has such a sweet, fun, active personality, always greeting us in the morning with wide-open eyes and a smile. Tim gives her raspberries and she grins. I tickle her chin and she laughs. She squeaks and squeals and tries to imitate us when we make a funny buzzing sound with our lips.

I did spend a bit of time away over the break—an hour to work on my ms in the library, a pedicure with a friend, and a Christmas massage all my own—but boy do I miss that little face when I’m gone!

I made an album on Facebook (click here to view it) with all the pics from my Christmas post and new ones of fun at home! Enjoy!