Sunday, March 28, 2010

7 months, my oh my

Happy 7 months, Linnea!

I know my posts are few and far between. Maintaining this blog is not quite the labor of love it used to be, but I know we have lots of family out there who like our updates, and I know it will be wonderful to have these little stories to look back on as time goes by. I try, also rather unsuccessfully, to write Linnea letters on a weekly basis about what we’ve been up to (the number of pages filled in her little journal is quite small…). But here I am, despite a long absence, with more news!

What’s new?

Linnea reaching for Mommy. That started happening last week and it just warms my heart.

Visit from Nana! I’m lame and don’t have any pics of that…but we do have a pic of the Raggedy Ann doll she brought! She’s a fun friend. Thanks Nana! :)


Sitting up so well! She’s really stable now when we sit her up. I still put a pillow behind her to cushion falls.


Inklings of a crawler. Linnea now pushes waaaay up on her hands and has started bending her knees in what I can only think is a pre-crawling state. She’s also quite good at moving around in a circle on her belly to get to various toys. She still surprises me with rolling over at random times; I’ll leave her in the crib for a few minutes on her back, and come back in the room to find her on her belly, looking a mixture of proud and surprised!


Two teeth! Count ‘em. Two. We noticed the second one surfacing when my mom was here to visit last week. They are two cute little peas in the pod of her lower gum. Hopefully that’s all for this batch (I hear the come in spurts of 2 or so) because I’d really like to get some sleep again. She’s been waking up 1-3 (most often 2-3) times a night since the last week in February. Naps have been somewhat better, but yikes, it’s been tiring.

Facing forward in the stroller. Tim discovered this as a way to help her sleep better, figuring looking out at the great world around would bore her more quickly than our smiling faces. Obviously it’s fun to look out but it seems to have worked…although I miss smiling at her on our walks. And we’re still on our way to getting her to take an afternoon nap WITHOUT the aid of the stroller. Warmer, sunnier days made for exploring the beach park and farmers market will soon be upon us! Not a time for sleeping!

High chair. Yay! This has been the most fun thing! We drove down to IKEA and got her this cute little chair for 20 bucks. It is all plastic and can pull right up to the table, which has been so much fun we haven’t even used the tray with it yet. L-bug eats SO MUCH BETTER when she’s in her own seat (we were using the Bumbo for a bit but returned that to our friends) and has become an eating machine. Plus, it’s super fun to have family mealtimes now when she can sit at the table with us in her own seat! Makes me a little teary to think how fast she’s growing from a baby into a little kid. Which brings me to…



More food! And the sippy cup! Linnea has been a star eater and now enjoys squash, pears, carrots, rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, sweet potatoes and applesauce. I made my own peas and sweet potatoes this week and it was easier and more fun than I’d thought. The peas were funny because they still retained little bits of skins after I pureed them in the food processer, and though L-bug would eat them she made a funny face with every spoonful, being used to perfectly smooth puree with other foods. So I strained them, cutting the amount of food about in half and wasting a bunch of time. But she liked the pure pea puree so much better. Will have to come up with a better way to do peas, but bananas and some other fruits are next on my list!


The sippy cup is just the cutest thing. I gave it to her first in the bath without the valve when Mom was here, and she got a mouthful of water that surprised her. Put the valve back on, and I’ve learned that I need to fill it up to the top for her to get the idea. But after a couple tries she’s really caught on and now loves drinking water while sitting in her high chair! It really is the most precious thing to see her grasping the handles and sucking away, water dripping down her chin. :) Oh I love her. It is the most wonderful and amazing thing to watch her learn and grow.

No more humidifier. Two words: it stinks. And I just don’t have the time to clean it. (Mineral deposits and, presumably, bacterial from the heating element and standing water in the base). So we’ve moved back to just the bathroom fans for white noise and will be ordering a white noise machine in the near future. We don’t want L to be totally conditioned to have to fall asleep with a white noise machine, but she’s done fine without it the last 3 nights and we wanted to phase out the humidifier anyway, since it’s now warmer and less dry. Mostly the white noise is for my own benefit so I know there’s some cushion in her room from sound we make in the rest of the house. Which leads me to…

Linnea’s own room. That’s right. Her own room. As in, a room that we own. For her. That’s all I’m saying for now since I’ll need to dedicate a longer post to this in the future!

And a few more pics…


Linnea and Daddy love to sing songs together. Most nights before bed we sing quiet little tunes with the guitar, like Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and Jesus Loves the Little Children.



Check out her two teeth!


She likes to dangle her sippy cup off the side of the high chair and look down on it. And yes, she plays the drop-it-and-mommy-pick-it-up game.






Friday, March 12, 2010

Hippo Jams

Just LOVE them!


DSC_0420 (Good posture baby bug!)



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Those smarties at Microsoft

Tim’s office has some fancy voice mail service that transcribes phone messages to read as email. But I have to say, the machines are not that smart. Either that or I need elocution lessons.

Here’s the transcript from a recent message I left him:

Hey dad and I have Mr. call the route on a long long walks.
In the I had background -- canal by eight needed not nap sleepy engaging five fairly I doing rally I wouldn't get afternoon P address for him cleaning thank you did well.
So I hope you had mean get go i.e. and then I do you call me back bye.

I don’t really remember what I said, but I can tell you it bore little resemblance to this message!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Olympics

The Winter Games may be over, but amazing feats of skill and agility are still taking place at the Psiaki household. Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, I present:

Diaper wrangling. Those rolling-over skills have turned my baby into a wriggly worm. No picture required, but imagine, if you will, my 17 lbs of sweet baby joy arching her back and trying with all her might to flip over while I’m wrestling with the diaper tabs. Usually I win. Sometimes there are accidents.

Apple grabbing. We’ve come a long way since my first upturned bowl of cereal. Food looks GOOD to this baby girl, and the “I’ll have some of that” attitude sends her eager little fingers shooting out at whatever we’re eating. All the time. Exhibit A:


Ummm, delicious! (She just enjoyed sucking on it for a while). We followed baby’s lead and continued with applesauce the next day.



Pull the ring down and the silly little face pops up. She is absolutely DELIGHTED with this toy. Are these gross motor skills? Fine motor skills? Whatever they are, those skills are motoring!

The incredible nail clip. Similar to diaper wrangling above, but with a little bit more at stake. Okay, a lot more: poop on the wall or even Linnea’s fingers doesn’t compare with drawing blood from said sweet fingers. (For the record, I am 0 for a million when it comes to drawing blood, and hopefully never will. Poop on the walls hasn’t happened either, but I digress). I usually sit her down on the counter in the guest bathroom and she can play with her reflection while I try to hold one of those tiny wriggling finger in mine and clip the millimeter’s worth of white space at the end of her nails. Even better is when I’m lying her on a pad on the counter before or after a bath and therefore don’t have to support her as well as keep a vice grip on her little hand. Those pesky nails grow FAST and I still see sad little scrapes on her face now and again, so I have to stay on top of this one. Luckily the judges are forgiving on this one.

Teeter-totter. Basically this is how she is sitting up; either that, or an incredibly flexible ballerina stretching toward her toes. Linnea CAN sit up, and is definitely coming a long way toward being solid and stable, but unless her feet are position out a ways she can topple over. Once it was backward and involved tears. That was a bad mommy moment but thankfully L-bug is really resilient and stopped crying almost immediately once I got her in my arms. Can you tell that most of these Olympics are a workout for ME to contain all the craziness?! But of course she has her tricks, too.




Hooking Mommy like a fish. A regular occurrence needing no other explanation than that she loves to put her fingers in my mouth, and needs some convincing to let go. Again, the internationally competitive skill required here is MY ability to unlock those little fingers!


Can growing hair and laughing yourselves silly be new Olympic sports? Cause her hair is soft and wonderful, and that little laugh is nothing short of miraculous. I give it a 10.



Monday, March 1, 2010

6-month check-up

All good news at the doctor’s today!

Linnea is over 17 lbs and more than 27 inches long! (I can’t read the assistant’s handwriting and forget the exact stats).

We are doing 2 meals a day now – 1 just fruit or veggie for lunch, and rice cereal and a fruit or veggie for dinner. That should continue for the next 2-3 mos and then the dr said to up it to 3 meals/day when she is able to feed herself finger foods. Don’t know if that’s really slow or not. Her original rec for starting solids seemed quite conservative, but for just starting out slow is okay with me.

We are continuing the baby zantac for reflux as it seems to be helping.

Naps are still going pretty well. We have a day here and there of no nappage but mostly she takes 1-2 naps a day. So that makes me really happy and she is a happier girl for it, too!

Night sleeping is also great, lately 9-11.5 hrs straight or in very long chunks. It’s been several days since I got up in the middle of the night but I know that’ll probably happen again because…


Who knew? I didn’t. The dr found it today at the appt., a sharp little thing in her lower gum. It is definitely coming through but isn’t seeming to cause her any pain. Thank the Lord! She has been extra drooly but I haven’t noticed other symptoms like crankiness or any real trouble nursing or sleeping. Let’s hope it continues this way! If possible, I’ll take a picture and post it. :)

Love you family and friends!

The rest of February in pictures

I’ve added more shots to the Feb 2010 album on Facebook. (All the ones you’ve already seen are on there, too, so you have to click through a few pages). Click here to view!