Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Worth it

I could be 400 pounds…never exercise again…never get any time to myself to read or paint my toenails or shower…or blog…never get a book published…but I would still have this:


It makes me want to weep just looking at that photo. It was the sweetest Mother’s Day gift ever to see my little girl holding my card and flowers.

I’m not saying moms shouldn’t take care of themselves, not only for obvious reasons (like, their health and sanity), but also to guard against resentment. But the best guard against resentment is Jesus—and when Linnea isn’t napping, or sleeping, or eating—He’s really all I’ve got.

But, that precious little face keeps me going too.

Here are some more pictures of the baby bug. I love her bunches.


Such a goose! She always crosses her ankles like this and I think it’s hilarious. :)


Kind of hard to crawl in a dress…but the siren song of the car seat (ooh the straps! ooh the buckles!) wins every time.


Isn’t she such a little girl now? Not a baby, but a little girl! (the oven/stove wasn’t on, btw)


Another shot of the best first mother’s day, ever! Silly memory, but I’m pretty sure this is the same outfit I wore to my first day of work at Cornell University Press (my first and only “real” job out of college). On Sunday I wore it to church on my first Mother’s Day. How the tables have turned! :)


I’m a sucker for a baby and her sippy cup


Hello, prune face! I sure love this bug.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lately in Kirkland

  • Linnea is crawling. Like, totally crawling. She was almost there soon after we moved in and now I have to chase her across the room! She thinks it’s really funny when I get down on my hands and knees and crawl next to her.
  • She’s getting a third tooth and sometimes refusing solids, sometimes eating a ton. I make about half her food myself and get the rest in jars.
  • The weather has been great and we’ve been enjoying lots of walks. Last Monday, though, we set out during a drizzle which turned to a downpour with hail. Thankfully I had her all covered with the rain fly and she slept through it all…but I was shivering and soaked down to my knees, and probably every car driving by thought I was crazy! It wasn’t fun. I prayed that God would just keep her warm and safe and asleep until I could get inside and change out of my wet clothes, and she woke up right as I got my slippers on! Thank the Lord for his grace in the small things!
  • We have been doing things around the house….slowly. Tim mows the lawn every weekend and has started digging out our massive amounts of weeds. The piano will be set up sometime this week. We bought new appliances for the kitchen which we’re super excited about—a full-size fridge, a dishwasher that should actually work, a range/oven with an actual window in the door (what a concept!) and a new microwave to match, which can actually microwave something and keep the timer going at the same time…Just a little bit of an upgrade. We still have a loong way to go with painting, organizing, decorating, furniture shopping, etc. I get overwhelmed sometimes but I know I’m my biggest critic! I don’t think people care about the lack of togetherness as long as they have somewhere to sit!
  • Today was an AWESOME first Mother’s Day! Tim took Linnea out this morning when I was getting ready for church and they came back with a beautiful bouquet of flowers draped across her lap in the carseat, and a sweet card clutched in her tiny hand. We have pictures…it was adorable. I loved my sweet note from my sweet girl (with a little help from Daddy). Then we went to church and Linnea took a nap on the way home, during which Tim ran out to this pastry place and got some goodies for lunch. We went to the Mariners v. Angels game in the afternoon and it was a ton of fun! And we all got naps when we got home. Now Linnea is sleeping soundly (I hope!), Tim is dozing on the couch, and I’m trying to maximize my free time before I hit the hay. Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely mamas out there, especially my own!
  • More pictures. I know they’ve been a long time coming … click here (And there are still a bunch more to come!)