Saturday, June 19, 2010

Linnea at 9 months…Things I don’t want to forget

  • her shrieks
  • bopping along to music or the horse toy trotting sound
  • leaning her head to one side for us to imitate (and often opening her mouth wide—so silly!)
  • crawling super fast
  • pulling up to stand, starting to cruise; pushing the toy lawnmower
  • snuggling with us in bed at night (yep, this is new…was kind of a last resort out of exhaustion and now we love it!)
  • the delight on her faced when we spin around in circles
  • shaking her head “no” for any and everything
  • 5 teeth (with a 6th on the way)
  • sunhats
  • “run, run, run!” when we hold her up and run through the room and she runs her feet
  • vampire bites :(
  • trying to put her hair in a Pebbles pigtail right on top
  • “da”—her response to pretty much everything (speaking Russian?) --- also I think she knows “dada” is Tim!
  • Fridge Farm
  • lunches with Daddy during the week
  • snuggle naps
  • naked little baby standing by the tub and playing with ducks in the tub
  • learning to sit back down—that was really cute!
  • fish lips and smacks
  • chasing each other while both crawling
  • going shopping with her in the cart
  • ducks of all shapes, sizes and colors
  • holding things in her mouth like a puppy: spoons, bottle caps, rings, bears
  • waving hello and goodbye, and doing both hands when she’s really excited; also, the Presidential wave :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Overdue Videos

Tim here checking in again.  We managed to get a video camera a couple of months ago and have been a little slow with actually posting them for your viewing pleasure.  Here’s a clip of playtime that I took on Mothers’ Day (about a month ago).  We’ll try to post some more soon as we have a big backlog at this point!



If you’d like a higher quality version, let me know and I’ll send you a link to the original HD version.