Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home improvements

Since Mary has been here a lot has been happening with the house. She is a big DIYer and has been helping—okay, let’s be honest, COMPLETELY DOING ALL BY HERSELF—with some projects we have wanted to get to but were unable to do for one reason (Linnea) or another (Linnea). :)

She painted the kitchen and family/dining room a lovely yellow (Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow…which I had been privately fixating on for weeks)…

Notice the ugly vinyl blinds are gone…they will (hopefully soon) be replaced by some lovely drapes, which I still need to pick out and buy.

Also, not sure you can see it, but the blinds over the sink are also out of the way—ready to be donated to Salvation Army!

She also painted the windowsills a glossy pure white so they look brighter and make up for the fact that there’s no molding!

And behold, the front room—a fun grey-green called Gray Horizon (also Benjamin Moore) that I spent quite a while picking out at the store with pillows, pictures, and decorating stuff and the paint guy’s help. Originally I was thinking a gray with a bluish cast, but that ended up not looking right, so I kind of took a chance with this and I think it turned out really well!



All the walls look different in the different lights—throughout the day and with lights on—and even two adjoining walls look different at the same time. It’s kind of fun!

Lastly, remember this bush?


It used to be up covering the telephone wire and about 8 times as bushy! Credit is all due to Mary again, and she has the scrapes and scratches to prove it! You should have seen her inside the bush trimming to get all the blackberry brambles! And the delivery of all the 1000 POUNDS OF BRUSH to the local dump is another story I’ll let her tell on her own blog… :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo update


We have some photos to share after a long hiatus. Linnea will be 11 months on Wednesday (!) and we are just having a blast. I think the last 6 weeks or so have just been my favorite ever. Everyone says it just keeps getting better and better, and that’s so true. The word constantly floating in my brain is JOY. It is so joyful for me to spending time with my little Bug—playing, nursing, feeding, walking, and soothing to sleep. She is so engaged, energetic and curious. She can stand on her own for a few seconds and is doing it more and more—walking really must be around the corner. I have mixed feelings about that—where is my little baby going? Also, do I really need to buy her some shoes?!

Other fun milestones/happenings of late”

  • a visit from Nana and Papa (my parents) over Memorial Day weekend
  • a visit from Nana again to get a lot done around the house/help out the last week in June/first week in July
  • Linnea’s first trip to Canada, first ferry ride, first meals ordered of a kid’s menu, and first bites of salmon when we went to Jason and Michelle Symington’s wedding in Victoria BC the second weekend in July (they are rower friends of Tim’s from Cornell)
  • current visit from Grandma Mary, Aunt Rebekah, Great Aunt Donna, Cousin Alex (currently interning at MSFT) and Grandpa Mark in which a lot has changed around the house….new post with photo updates soon
  • saying DADA for Tim and BABA for birds and pretty much every other animal. This girl SERIOUSLY loves birdies and waves at them out the window, from the stroller, from the Ergo, from the car, etc…
  • first visit to the zoo (Woodland Park in Seattle)
  • starting to nap in the crib after nursing down—she now nurses only morning and bedtime and for her 2 naps
  • eating many more foods—pasta, salmon, raspberries, broccoli, bagel, egg yolk are some new favorites. She mostly feeds herself but will allow a spoon from me for a few things. She seems to be having a reaction to yogurt—spitting up—so we’re holding off on that for now

It’s been great fun and I can’t believe her first year is drawing near a close. I love my little girl and she is such a sweet little companion. Just gets better each day! Pretty soon there will be a party to plan!

Check out some summer photos by clicking here (will redirect you to Facebook).

Happy summer everyone!