Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life on the other side

As many of you know, our road with getting Linnea to consistently sleep well has been long and difficult, but around Christmas things took a huge change for the AWESOME when we started getting her down awake for naps and I stopped nursing her except before bedtime.


Baby girl is weaned.

I feel almost a little crazy writing IS instead of IS BEING or IS ON HER WAY TO since it has only been two days, but I’m so giddy about our progress that I’m just bursting with excitement and hope!

Three weeks ago when she had a terrible cold that turned into a double ear infection, she increased her need for nighttime nursing, and of course I obliged for my sick little girl. But when she started nursing for upwards of 30 minutes and STILL throwing a fit when I stopped, I had had enough: the nursing wasn’t making any difference. So, ear infections gone, cold all dried up, last night I decided to stop.

It was definitely bittersweet since all along I have cherished our special bond, and I attribute a lot of that to nursing on demand when she was an infant and being responsive to her needs night and day. But at 17 months and 2 weeks, I was ready. She cried for less than 5 minutes and then we snuggled for a long time under her blankets. I slipped out and we didn’t see her again until nearly 8:00 this morning.

Wahoo! Weaning plus a full night’s sleep for both parents in same bed? Yes, please. And Praise God!

Tonight she fussed for the amount of time it took for me to sing one round of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and then we snuggled for another long time and I left her slumbering peacefully.

I am just amazed and so thankful that this is happening.

I wouldn’t have done it any other way with her—there were so many ups and downs, from her first 8 hrs straight at 1 month old, to refusing to nap almost all of December 2009, to sleeping through the night in her crib at 5 and 6 months of age, to reflux and the crazy ridiculous night drama most of last spring and summer, to bedsharing up through this fall, and then sending Tim into her room to snuggle her back to sleep like a dreamland ambassador up until last night. Whew. It would take a long time to process all the ins and outs of what sleep time—at night and for naps—has been like over her precious 17.5 months, but this is the gist, and I am SO THANKFUL for where we are now.

Thankful I won’t be nursing a two year old. :)

Thankful that my sweetie pie was happy as ever when she woke this morning; no broken trust, thank the Lord.

Thankful that even though I know there will be hiccups along the way, I can trust that God is good and He does care about things like rest, and peace, and sleep.

Thankful that though some crazy tantrums have started around going to bed, Linnea’s naps have been getting quite long to the point where I miss her and run out of things to do. Three hours yesterday, what? Maybe that’s a growth spurt.

If you’re reading this and you’re the parent of a small child who doesn’t sleep well, please don’t take this as bragging. We have come a long way, purely under God’s grace and no power of our own. Tim and I have truly been a team and I am so thankful for his help ever since day one, when that Baby Bug slept her first night at home on Daddy’s chest and he didn’t sleep a wink. I am beyond grateful that we are where we are, but we have known some hard, hard times. I’m just praising the Lord that we are in a season of relief and good rest for the whole family. Amen.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Weekend

Got to do some of my favorite things this weekend:

Organize the black hole of clutter in our basement storage area (still working on clearing out old appliances, but involved assembling shelves from Lowe’s and organizing our truckload of stuff we don’t need on a regular basis. Tim also built himself a work bench and a hanging rod for the closet so we can store off-season and unused clothes. In the picture it will probably still look cluttered, but imagine all those boxes and kitchen items perched precariously in Pisa-like towers, most of them open with stuff sticking out, and some odd stack of blinds and broken tiles scattered about. Yeah. We’ve come a long way to be able to see the floor.)

Spend some time alone, since Linnea slept in until 9am on Saturday morning for the first time since infancy, and also took a super long nap. Gratifying after she has been a bear to get to sleep lately…the tantrum stage has begun!

Spend time with my lovies. Hanging out and being silly, making Valentines, etc.

Dating my one true love. This software engineer cleans up real nice, especially when he shaves. We had a fun date out that was like a comedic progressive dinner involving 1) judging our original choice of restaurant as too akin to an airport resto atmosphere, 2) almost running out of gas on our way to resto #2, 3) ending up in a swanky bar that randomly had a basketball playing (very romantic background noise), and 4) ending the night with some delish coffee, chai and dessert at a nearby cafe.


Here are the pics. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mama, dada, baba

Things that are quintessentially Linnea: calling for whoever is not present and the dog that lives next door, in rapid succession, over and over again.

Also, attributing various articles around the house to Mama or Dada. (We’re still working on “Bergie.”)

Dada: wine bottles, wine glass, beer bottles, candy, TV, anything that’s “yummy,” “delicious” or “special treat”, the XBOX, the piano, the smoke detector (which has gone off recently due to crud on the oven bottom and Tim’s had to take down and ‘fix’)

Mama: my water bottle, my books on the coffee table (but Tim’s one book among my eight is definitely “dada,” smart little pea!), and of course babies are still mysteriously “mama,” though she doesn’t mean me in particular

She also recognizes most articles of clothing we fold in the laundry as belonging to the right person. Shoes too, except somehow my high heeled black pumps are always “Dada.” Haha.


Sunny days at the park

I know we have nothing to complain about, since all of our East Coast and Midwestern relatives are stuck under igloos of snow, but it sure has been nice to have a few sunny days amid the Seattle “cold,” which is temps in the low 40s. Outings to the park have been a real treat the last couple of weeks. Linnea still LOOOOVES the swing. :)

Heredity strikes again

These long legs


are from her daddy.

This cracker in the book, discovered some time after its burial,


is also from her daddy, who reportedly hid sandwiches under furniture and slept with screwdrivers as a child.