Thursday, April 28, 2011


Linnea’s favorite number is “Twooooooo!”

Anytime we ask her to count, or to tell us how many of something there are, the answer is always two.

So, in honor of that, we give you…











Baby Psiaki #2!

Due November 28, 2011. We’re roasting our Thanksgiving turkey a little early this year. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Neighborhood egg hunt

A few days ago I spied a sign for a neighborhood egg hunt at a park just a few blocks away. The weather today was perfect, and Linnea knew just what to do for her very first time out! They had the kids split up by age and mostly the eggs were just lying in the grass. It was a pretty good laugh to see how parents (including me!) would propel their kids toward the eggs: “There’s one! There’s one! GET IT!” Linnea grabbed so many so quickly we ended up throwing several out of her basket when she wasn’t looking, to give other kids a chance. :)

There were also police cars and fire trucks to climb inside, plus an Easter bunny and free coffee and donuts for the adults. We weren’t clued into the “bring some eggs or make a donation” aspect of this *free* event, so we felt a little bad and left the goodies on the table. But Linnea enjoyed her chocolate anyway!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Curtain update!

Thanks for all your votes! Opinions were all over the map, but nobody seemed to like this one


and that’s okay!

Tim surprised me by liking the florals best,



and though I didn’t favor it at first, the small geometric is earning points with me because 1) Linnea’s room has more brown accents than I remembered when I was at the store and 2) it kind of induces sleep, which is part of the point.


Whatever we choose will have a solid, matching dark colored lining to help block additional sunlight. I am hoping to get fabric this week so all my faves aren’t snatched up by other shoppers. There was a sale going last weekend, so I don’t know if everything is still in stock, or if there will be enough yardage left for what we ultimately choose.

So don’t hold your breath…finished curtains could take awhile. (Did I mention our sewing machine is still broken? Yeah…that’s a minor detail, too).

Thanks for playing and we’ll give an update when I have the fabric in hand!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frolicking in the Tulips

Tim and I went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival one other time—pre-Linnea, in the spring of 2008. Now that she’s old enough to have fun running around at something like this we decided to make a little day trip out of it.

The closest town to the tulip fields is Mount Vernon, and they were having a sidewalk fair this weekend. So after we made the short 1-hr drive north we walked around the craft exhibits and food booths, got some cash for the garden admission, and followed the perennially posted “tulip route” signs (it’s kind of a big deal) to the RoozenGaarde farm. It’s the largest tulip, daffodil and iris grower in the world!

Linnea did great racing around the gardens and the fields, which were very muddy. Daddy carried her much of the time, and thankfully we all had boots, unlike some of the poor visitors in their ballet flats and sandals. The fields weren’t blooming as much as last time we were there, but it was still pretty spectacular to see the ribbons on red and yellow stretching out into the distance. After visiting the gardens and fields we got some treats: caramel corn and funnel cakes. Following a sugary “lunch” like that it’s little wonder Linnea didn’t sleep super long on the way home—but we had a wonderful time!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Help pick out Linnea’s curtains!

Went to Jo-Ann fabrics today for an impromptu look at curtain fabrics. These aren’t quite what I originally had in mind, but after searching through the whole store I realized what I had in mind exists ONLY in my mind, so here are the next best options!

Tim and I have a couple favorites…now you get to weigh in!


A. Funky Seaweed


B. Tropical Flowers


C. Small Geometric


D. Large Geometric


E. Pretty Floral


F. Stripes

Leave your vote in the comments below!

Easter is coming


With Aunt Bergie’s help, Linnea got to color Easter eggs for the first time!

(It will probably be a lot more fun, and hands on, next year!)