Sunday, October 23, 2011

Linnea’s big girl room!

Sorry to take so long on pictures for those of you who’ve known we finished the room a few weeks ago! As you can tell, the much beloved blue blanket is still there; I was waiting on a super cute quilt I’d ordered to post pictures but it came with an unraveling thread, so I returned it and am back to the drawing board (it was also too thin).

We kind of became IKEA converts after doing this room; the bed, chair, and dresser are from there. We always made trips when buying furniture early on in our marriage (moved out here 4 years ago with NONE!) and never found what we wanted, so it had been literally a few years since we’d been down there. For a little girl’s room the options were perfect, and I’m actually jealous of the dresser! It’s quite nice. I wanted a comfy arm chair for her so we could read books as the glider will stay in baby brother’s room (furniture moved, crib assembled, walls painted, but not done yet… you know me). The thing was so simple to put together and for $30 you can’t really go wrong with a white slipcover to match since it’s easily washed or replaced. Much better than shelling out hundreds on an armchair at a typical furniture store – and we can fit pretty comfortably side-by-side in it, which at this stage of pregnancy is saying a lot!

Grandma Mary’s lovely curtains are up and we have the wall art from her old room, too. I have been meaning for ages to get one of those cute custom birth stats prints to hang up but have never found the perfect one, so that will have to wait. One of my favorite things in the room is the peg rack underneath the art where Linnea can hang her own sweatshirts or the ubiquitous Yankees jersey. Other little touches I love are the white lamp – bought 2 identical ones at a Kirkland flea market last fall and rewired them ourselves, then they sat in the basement until I found the perfect shades recently – and of course the precious and oh-so-soft owl pillow. It was supposed to go with the quilt but is so cute we’ll keep it on its own. Linnea likes to have it on her lap when we read books at naptime and bedtime.

I was a bit worried about the closet door but she is a pro at closing it safely, and I just love those cubbies with fabric drawers which we now seem to have all over the house.

The bed was an afterthought, as we planned to have her mattress stay on the floor, and then Tim really wanted her to have a real bed. She hit her head into it once but not while getting in or out – instead, while being silly and walking with her hands stuck down her pants and tripped, falling head first into it. Not fun but the worst she’s had. Guess my little girl really is growing up!

All in all it’s a super cozy room, and I’m glad that we were finally able to do it up right for our girl! Didn’t go all out by any means but it’s much nicer and tailored to Linnea personally than either her previous room or the one in our apartment (which was half an office, remember!). She really likes to be in there and it’s significantly more space than the other room, which really is well suited to being a nursery. And I’m so thankful to the Lord that it was a simple simple transition for her – she has never asked once to be moved or go sleep back in there, and refers to it as “baby brother’s room”. Although, she sometimes goes in that direction still when I have her put away her laundry!

And by the way, the color on the walls is PEACH. Benjamin Moore Peach Nectar. No one in their right mind would think that was pink! ;)

DSC_0245 DSC_0246 DSC_0247 DSC_0248 DSC_0249 DSC_0250 DSC_0251 DSC_0252

PS thanks to Timmy for putting together every piece of furniture in there! You’re a pro.

All four pumpkins

DSC_0110 (2) DSC_0111 (2)

Pumpkin Patch 2011


Last year was fun, but this year was FUN! Things keep getting better and better with a 2-year-old. A friend from our new community group (which we opened in our home at the end of August, leaving our old group in very capable hands – meant for that to be a whole separate post but hey, who has the time? Gist is it’s for downtown Kirklanders and we are already growing big and seeing God’s faithfulness!) joined us for the morning and Linnea loved stomping in the muddy puddles, taking the tractor-driven hayride to the patch, picking out gourds (her first pick, though, was a precious tiny pumpkin for baby brother), sizing up pumpkins for Mommy and Daddy, checking out all the farm machinery, taking her first pony ride (! she was so brave and I was amazed she really liked it!) and tasting some amazing grilled veggie quesadillas and cider before heading home for a late and much-needed nap!

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She got so muddy she had naked legs in the car on the way home. On the table is Linnea’s collection of gourds and our pumpkins, though not pictured, are on the porch in order from largest to smallest – it’s so fun to see FOUR of them out there! Who knows, maybe baby brother’s will last for his arrival! I’m 35 weeks tomorrow. The doctor who delivered L, whom she got to meet at my appointment this week, said he’s on call for Halloween this year but not Thanksgiving…sounds tempting but I think Halloween is a bit to early for my taste, and not the nicest birthday ever. I’m hoping for a solid November birthday…not too close to Christmas!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Right NOW!

Some of Linnea’s favorite things right now:

Standing on a chair to help prepare any and every meal.

Listening to her Kindermusik CD at home and doing the motions along with the songs.

Looking to see if there are birds on the pinecone or regular birdfeeders.

Saying “Pray for them” in basically every situation…every friend we hear from or talk about, Tim at work, an ambulance siren we hear, even characters in books (explaining this has been interesting…but leads often to great teaching moments about what prayer is!)

Asking to “come see” anything I talk about, especially pictures in a book we’re reading (she kind of divides her attention and often I have to go back and point out the pictures from the page we were just reading—she gets frustrated when actions or characters are mentioned but not pictured in a story!)

Having her new owl pillow on her lap when we read stories or the Bible for naptime and bedtime (big girl room pictures are coming, I PROMISE!)

The new Rizers CD, Rise Up! (she shouts, “Rise Up, Rizers! Rise Up!”)

Listening to “The Fox Song” by Nickel Creek, which we dug up on one of my old CDs and now plays nearly constantly (on repeat, people) in the car. She sometimes calls it “The Fox Man” because the opening line, “The fox went out on a chilly night” sounds to her like “The fox man out on a chilly night.” Hehe.

Shouting “Right NOW!” when she wants something, well, IMMEDIATELY, MOM.

Linnea’s Lexicon

Most of the time she’s a pretty straight talker, but here are some favorites from her most toddler-esque vocabulary:

Dandel-flyon: dandelion

Cumin-a-boop: community group

Air condish-this: air conditioner

Raganoli: ravioli

Ensh-ki-dada: enchilada