Saturday, April 28, 2012

We don't have any pictures, but...

Today we went to a sheep shearing at a farm in Bellevue.

Peter's SECOND tooth has broken through.

Tim bought covers for the deck cushions and two outdoor heaters so we can maximize our time out there.

My mom sent adorable little cloth dolly diapers for Linnea's dolls.

And...we got to play in two parks today. Sunny again!

Now I think you're up to speed. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Birdie talk and stage whispers

We've been reading a lot of Beatrix Potter lately and picked up Timmy Tiptoes, for obvious reasons. In it the springtime birds' twittering is put to words, and now we all go around saying, "Who's-been-digging-up-MY-nuts?" and "Little-bit-of-bread-and-NO-cheese!" Petey thinks it's hilarious.

Linnea has quite a sense of humor and has developed a funny little stage whisper. The other day she was pulling on her pants after a diaper change and, yanking up the waistband, came over to where I was nursing Peter and whispered, "I look like a grandpa!" Love her.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, yeah, and...

Peter rolled today! 3 times! (Back to front.) It was lots of fun to watch. :)

We need more pajamas.

For Uncle Mike

we don't really call him Pete much, I was just too lazy to do the R

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A sanity saver

Did I mention Peter is trying to roll over? That, combined with still teething and a big sister who likes to run in just as I am trying to put him down for a nap (at least once a day) means very little snooze time for little T. Linnea has refused three of her naps since Friday, so after this afternoon's failure we jumped into the car to get out of the house. I still wasn't sure where we were headed as we left, but ended up at. Kidsquest children's museum where we are members. Petey got a decent snooze of 30 mind and Linnea got to run around and play with dolls. A bright spot in our day for sure!

I found my feet today!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Linnea's new necklace!

Our friend Debbie from community group made Linnea this bead, and today we got a string for a necklace!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life lately

Linnea and Peter playing under the activity gym, ice cream sundaes, and a visit from Aunt Jane!


I took Linnea to a princess party put on by her Kindermusik studio yesterday and she got to decorate this crown. Peter hot ahold of it (okay, it was me) and I think he makes one handsome prince!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

For Uncle Dave and Aunt Mandy

Thank you for my doggie! We are getting along just fine. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maybe not the greatest show on earth...

...but this is what we're living, day in and day out!

I took the new title of this blog from this post about the general craziness of our life with little kids. I often describe what goes on in the arena of our home as a "circus" these just rolls so easily off the tongue. And it's not just limited to Fridays, when the messes seem to matter a little less and we're looking forward to Daddy being home over the weekend. Every day has the potential to get out of control, but what's holding me steady (waaaay more than the promise of the weekend!) is Jesus. His grace. His love. His standards -- not the world's, or mine.

So come on in and enjoy the show. Though I started and still maintain this blog primarily to connect with faraway family, I hope it is edifying and Jesus-revealing to anyone who reads.

PS: I'd love a blog template with a big top and some balloons, but as a quick search didn't turn one up, we're back to square one for now

PPS: I realize my sidebars are messed up. I'll be working on that when I have some time, someday!

The after shot

Here's Petey in his bunting today, compared with the pic below. I think he was a month old in the other one. This Patagonia bunting is size 3-6 months, so it runs bigger than most brands...but he was fitting into it young and at 4m is almost too big. We got a lot of use put of it, though!

For comparison

My how fast the time goes!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weedy gardens

An analogy for several scenarios.

People are always commenting on how tall Linnea is getting, even if they saw her just the week before. I don't notice much until suddenly her clothes cease to fit, which has been a perpetual problem since last September. A couple weeks in a new shirt and her arms are shooting out the sleeves; I can now she her ankles below her 3T pjs from Christmas!

Peter has been growing like a weed from day one. I thought in would be just in his  height/weight, but apparently as he is now the size of a baby twice his age, he wants to eat like one. I felt something sharp in his mouth today and can literally see his first tooth right below the gum. Makes me wonder if he will crawl and walk late (I hear this happens with big babies) or if that will come faster too? He's trying to roll back to front but that belly is pretty hefty.

Everything is blooming now, and around this time last year Linnea and I were planting seeds with Rebekah. I don't think I'm up for it this year. Maybe next summer when i have an almost 4 yo  who can actually be helpful and only one toddler to keep from eating dirt.

Still moment in a hectic morning

So many things to love about this picture. Biting his bottom lip just like his sister at this age. Leg rolls. Arm outstretched in latest hand examination. Eyes fixed on sister outside of frame. That belly. And his adorable new onesie, with sunshine outside to justify short sleeves!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Early birds

Peter woke up super early this morning, so we went for a walk in the sunshine while the other two slept!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I figured out how to blog from my phone, so here we go.

Linnea, at 2.5, likes to put on & take off her own socks and shoes and pants. She has her own cabinet in the kitchen now and puts away her own plates, bowls, cups and utensils, and will set them out for me at mealtime. :) Fun for her and helpful for me! She is super into stickers right now and ...

...she has started going to sleep at bedtime and naptime WITHOUT US IN THE ROOM. Yes.

Peter, at 4 m, has a smile for everyone and laughs easily. He is big and very sweet. He still nurses constantly. He is apparently teething, said the dr yesterday, which would explain why he has lately been trying to gnaw his finger off and become a conscientious objector to naps. He likes to hold things, chew things, and stare at his right hand.

Tim has some work news that I don't know if I'm allowed to post yet.

We all went on vacation to the Suncadia resort in the Cascades last week...our very first family vacation! It involved:

Linnea getting car sick on the way there
Room service
Pool swimming
Hot tubs
Massage for me
Breakfast basket, yum
Walks in the sun and wind
Sticker books
A failed attempt at drinking even DECAF coffee for me
Ooh a nap for me
Easter egg hunt and Easter bunny brunch
A spontaneous extra night
And many remarks from all parties (except Peter, who turned up his nose at the pack n play) about how we want to go back.

Sorry, Pete. At least you got to swim in the pool!

I belong on a fishing boat

Mom finally got me some clothes that fit! I am now 20 lb and 27+ inches, so that's the 6-12m size, y'all. Sun hat was a bonus!

News flash

Peter is apparently teething at 4 months. Ask me how much I like this :/