Friday, October 26, 2012


"I'm the predator, and you are the prey."

Guess who said that to whom? ;)

Linnea has been wanting to talk about predators and prey ever since we saw that heron on Tuesday. I supplied the vocab, of course, but she figured out the context.

Watch out, Peter! Haha!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tranquility Incontinence Products

I'm just going to let that marinate for a sec.

No, they're not for me, but rather a last ditch effort for little T who leaks out of his diaper every morning between 6 & 8 am, which inevitably gets us off to a not so cheery start to the day (as I'm constantly changing jams and sheets).

Sooooo, I found these online when searching for overnight diapers. Many, many bad diaper reviews later, some other reviews recommended these and I hope they work. They just stick right inside his regular diaper.

Even if we have another leak tomorrow morning, I'll be smiling because the package gave me a good laugh.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the home front

We had a great visit with Aunt Jane, Grandma Mary and Great Grandma Enid, who came last Saturday and left today. Some highlights included going to the pumpkin patch after church Sunday, a walk to Juanita Bay Park where we saw a great blue heron hunt, catch and eat a frog (look closely in my grainy picture), and making a yummy trifle for CG that included pumpkin cake, white chocolate ganache and cinnamon whipped cream.

I don't have many pics of the visit, but Mary does.

In other news, Peter started clapping today, and Linnea built her own country out of blocks IN the block box, which she dubbed Kirkland Country. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh Linnea

Some favorite shots of the week...

With an old tractor the last day of the farmers market

By the gourds given to her by a market vendor

And asleep on the couch one morning when she woke up too early :) Melt.

Just chillin

I love how she crosses her ankles like this! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nope, not pregnant!

We are still a family of 4!

I've gotten a couple of comments wondering if I've got a hidden message in the photo from the previous post.

You are correct, there are 5. My reasoning was that Tim's French press is tall like my green water bottle (the two parent items), but it was empty so I added in the coffee cup. I saw them as a unit, but some of you saw one as a baby. Sorry to confuse or disappoint!

I'll be more literal next time.

And for the record, Linnea has been asking when her baby sister will be joining our family since, oh, the end of my pregnancy with Peter; when it happens, you'll know. ;)

Our family

Monday, October 15, 2012

In other news...

Will Peter be a lefty? He always feeds himself with his left hand (love that little pincer grasp and LOVE the way he holds onto the tray with his right hand!). I thought maybe he was taking food with his left because I would feed him with my right, facing him, but this has been pretty consistent so we'll see.

And... Peter stood up all by himself tonight, from a seated position! He looked pretty surprised about it too. The object of his desire: Linnea's bible. Good reason to stand up, Petey!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another one

About six months... It's really fun to reminisce about her baby days and she asks what we did when she was a baby all the time! Already nostalgic at age three ;)

Our weekend (evidences of God's grace)

All of my favorite things converged this weekend, making for a very happy and satisfied Sunday night: time with family, time with friends, cooking with Tim, walks around our neighborhood, church, Peter naps, and alone time with Tim.

Some highlights were...

Brunch with my community group ladies at a chic and cozy spot, The Barking Frog in Woodinville

A family walk around Kirkland that ended with Peter falling asleep in the stroller and the rest of us enjoying an impromptu tea at newly opened Savrika Tea downtown

The purchase of special bowls for making French onion soup last night...mmmm

Enjoying both a croque madame and croque monsieur this weekend, one homemade

A ridiculous dance party to the Herb Alpert album I posted about recently, the climax of which was Linnea running out from her potty break buck naked to rejoin the fun. I seriously can't stop laughing

Happy kids in children's ministry this morning

Family dinners

Discovering a new park (Big Finn Hill) after a drive for Peter's nap in which Linnea also fell asleep, we got to chat over coffee, and then all walk through the woods on some fun trails

Watching a political documentary with Tim (his love language?)

Limnea and Peter playing in the tub together for the first time

Peter waving at his reflection for the first time! Melt

Yeah. It was good. Thank you Lord for all your blessings on our family these two days of rest!

(Photos include Tim stealing my flowery rain hat for our local walk and Linnea on the a blurry Linnea in action on the playground, which is actually a very accurate representation of my wild child!)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little girl

Here's one of Linnea at six months. She was on a kick about looking at baby pics of herself recently. Just add some hair and I think she looks about the same!

Friday, October 12, 2012

MSFT family day

It happens once a month. We get lunch together on campus and there are activities for the kids. This time there were balloon animals and football activities (like field goal kicking).

Linnea kicked some footballs, got a butterfly wand, and Peter enjoyed crawling on the AstroTurf of the soccer field and trying to eat the net. :)

Fall cut out cookies

We got mini cookie cutters in fall shapes -- leaves, acorn, apple, pumpkin -- to replace Linnea's mini Christmas cookie cutters which I left in some homemade play dough (and ruined).

Last week we made some cut out cookie that weren't the most delicious ever, weird recipe, but they looked cute!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buddy boy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Linnea's very first dentist appointment

We went to our regular place, which js a family dentist after all, and it was great! Linnea didn't require convincing about anything, and though she was quiet, let them count her teeth, polish and floss. They had purple sunglasses for her to wear and toothbrushes that looked like a cheetah, zebra or flamingo (she chose the cheetah) that they use for kids when it's time to polish. She got her own new toothbrush and floss and they even gave us one for Peter, who came along. She liked carrying the bag of goodies and also got a prize, a little starfish toy, at the end. I was so pleased she had a good experience even though they are not specifically a pediatric practice. Everyone was very nice, upbeat and gentle. What a big girl!

Monday, October 8, 2012

5pm pick-me-up

If things at your house get a little hairy around dinnertime, play this*. It will make everyone happy.

{Sorry for the ugly link.}

*By this, I mean the music, not the video, which is questionable.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy 10 months, Peter!

{Petey got his first pairs of shoes today! I wonder who picked them out?}

We're in the double digits now!

It's amazing to think about what we were doing a year ago today.

We had just gotten rear ended... And were praising God that Peter (about 33 weeks gestation), Linnea and I were okay.

Our very sweet friends the McClellands and Wights threw us an awesome sporty backyard baby shower the next day. It was super fun and I'm blessed by wonderful memories and so thankful for our extended community.

We went over to Bellevue Botanical Gardens the day after that and got our family maternity photos taken. And yes, some are already up on the wall! (a true accomplishment in this house)

It was a lovely, busy fall full of anticipation for our little guy. I remember painting and buying furniture for Linnea's big girl room. What fun that was. I remember a drive down to Snoqualmie Falls and the outlet mall to refresh my maternity wardrobe. I remember the pumpkin patch and getting one for "baby brother." :) There were many Linnea kisses on my belly and conversations about what it would be like when he was here, this precious bundle amid the sights and smells of my favorite season. I imagined it would be wonderful.

And it is.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another bunch of pictures

Linnea and her dolls, Petey in the kitchen, Linnea’s new bike, etc :)


Linnea’s third birthday

Here are some pics, finally, from Linnea’s birthday… Her actual birthday morning at home before we left for Cannon Beach, and a few with my parents. Most of my pics are on my phone but, well, just getting these up feels like an accomplishment. My mom has a good bunch of pics too that I’ll download.

(the phone ones are actually really cool… a foggy walk on the beach that is my favorite memory from the trip).

So we basically put Uncle Mike to work…

(A very long overdue post…)

Rebuilding the deck stairs, attending Kindermusik class, reading books, helping with meal prep and cleanup, finding a certain little girl’s socks and shoes when it was time to go out, making Congo bars, playing at the park (and a picnic), farmers marketing, visiting the Museum of Flight…it was a memorable visit with Uncle Mike and “Mikey, play with me!” was a constant refrain from Linnea. I’m guessing he’ll need a vacation from his vacation. :) We had a great time and I even got the brothers to take a decent picture of themselves (I NEVER remember to get group pics when family is visiting…Alex was even here for dinner last Wednesday night and I forgot to get a picture with her too!). It was fun for me to see boys being boys (you’ll see the ramp they built with blocks for a tennis ball, playing video games, and making certain inappropriate noises with armpits) – I guess when brothers get together some bits of childhood are always relived. :) It was a bummer we couldn’t see Karen, but we wish you guys all the best and will miss you!

Babies :)