Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One year ago

This was Peter's due date. I had a horrible cold. We had just had Thanksgiving and I was discouraged he had not appeared. But God knows best! In only 9 days we will be celebrating Peter's birthday! I am so thankful for this boy and how far we have come.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Popping in tonight to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! We did a little "thankfulness tree" craft today and in the photo you can see a smattering of what we are thankful for. My favorite part, second to the leaves Linnea cut out (see if you can guess which are hers!) is the fact that Peter's name appears multiple times. Every time I asked Linnea what she was thankful for, she answered without hesitation, "Baby Peter!" She wouldn't let me write it just once. :)

See if you can guess which are Tim's .

Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for. Thank you, Jesus.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Linnea's plans

Some of Linnea's favorite topics of conversation are which toys and articles of clothing she plans to pass on to baby sister (we have been talking about the as-yet-unconceived baby sister Linnea is hoping for for a year now - yes, since before Peter was born),


what she wants to be when she grows up.

Today it was garbage day, and the trucks made her think of ice cream trucks. "So you want to be an ice cream truck driver?"  I clarified.

"Yes! And I want it to be piiiiiiiiiink!"

That, and the astronaut and the artist you heard about before.

And a mommy, of four kids. "And I hope the baby will be a girl baby," she said.

Love. :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

This week

Leaves at the park
Playground (long big girl hair! I would also like to note that Linnea got herself out of her dance clothes and back into this whole outfit with the brown sweater and toggle buttons all by herself yesterday! I was amazed!)
Car cart at Thanksgiving grocery outing
Ballerina girl :)

Monday, November 12, 2012


Linnea made this elephant all on her own tonight. I didn't even know what she was doing until all but the last two feet were glued on, and I supplied the googly eyes as well. But yeah, she imagined, planned, cut and glued all on her own! She told me earlier today she wants to be an artist when she grows up. That, and an astronaut. Of course.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Friday circus

There's been a nice break of sun this week, which came at just the right time since I was starting to get weary of the daily walks in the rain for Peter's morning nap. It's been working beautifully: he falls asleep in the stroller in 10 minutes or less, and then Linnea and I have an hour or so, usually more, to play at the park while he snoozes away. The benefit to being out in the rain is that we usually have the playground to ourselves, and it's good quality time running around and being silly, playing hide and seek or doing the scavenger hunt. It's also quiet for Peter to rest. Linnea lives to play follow the leader and go down the giant slide thee at Peter Kirk again and again. She has also learned to go up the big ladder pretty confidently by herself and after the first few times was asking me to stand back and not touch her. I guess this is where it starts! I'm proud of her but really do see my baby slipping away.

With sunnier days like today there are more kids, and lately Peter hasn't napped as long when it's busy, or I move us along to the lib where we do a potty break before heading home. But today he slept nearly three (!) hours that one nap, most of it at home after our hour at the park. That was the first remarkable thing. He must have been making up for short naps the last two days. The second thing was that this was the first time we've gone to the park when Linnea did not play with me at all. I'm always engaged to some degree, usually pretty actively, but right when we arrived two other girls her age showed up, and they ran around paying princesses and tag and hide and seek the entire time. I watched and talked with them a little, learned the girls' names (and met siblings), but mostly I was on the sidelines. Peter was sleeping so it was the strangest feeling. That I was just not really needed. I held myself back from swooping in when they were trying to decide who was hiding and counting when, and there was no problem. No fights, tears or hurt feelings. They sorted it all out themselves. I was vigilant, but I didn't hear or see everything. Part of the time I talked with a nanny. I was a little sad about this big girl transition my Linnea has reached, to be playing on her own with brand new friends, but mostly I was pretty proud. And thanks to Peter's epic nap, we girls still got a good chunk of alone time afterward.

My how past things change.

Peter is still bounding away into a big boy, too. He stands up and takes steps about as often as he crawls now, so it's about 50/50 and amazing to watch. And along with "dis," "dat," and "dada," which he's been saying for some time, he's saying "mama" and "nana" (Linnea). I love it. Bring on the walking and talking! Except, let him stay a baby just a little longer, please Lord? He is just the sweetest thing. I can't believe his birthday is less than a month away. I always look forward to new milestones because things keep getting more fun, but I'm really savoring each moment, too. Especially the nighttime snuggles and nursing. And the hugs that have started to come without a bite to my shoulder or lunge at my hair. Yep, he's still my little baby. :)

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Almost 11 months – and walking!

Peter started taking steps recently!

For the last few weeks he’s been standing up in the middle of the room on his own, and in the last week or so has taken a step a few times. But today we hit the jackpot! With Tim’s cell phone as the carrot lure, Peter was taking 15 steps or more at a time – halfway across the room! He is remarkably stable and even walked over a book without falling. It’s pretty awesome to watch the little guy teeter his way toward something he wants!

PS, some photos from Halloween. Cute bunny hats (there were mommy and daddy ones, too) by Mary and the dress Linnea’s wearing is courtesy of Great Aunt Lori for Jane at her wedding, I believe. The awesome overalls Peter’s wearing were Tim’s. They dressed up as Max and Ruby from the Rosemary Wells books. :) We had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and a little party in the evening with a few friends.