Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back in the swing of things

I know I've got trip pictures and details to offer you (the secret is that we didn't take a real camera, so finding decent phone pics and sorting through my mom's will take some time)... But for right now, how about a fun, busy weekend?

On Saturday we (minus Linnea, who's wondrously started sleeping in) were up bright and early and I made some yummy banana-wheat bran-chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. We then went to, oh, 10 garage sales or so (it was the annual neighborhood sale) and scored some fun odds and ends foe the kids: outdoor balls, a pail with a shovel, sifter and fish mold for our new (free) turtle sandbox, a dump truck for the sand box, an outdoor water table, a beat up but very loved (by Peter, see photo) guitar, a toy truck with an attached boat on a trailer, a dolly double stroller and two doll outfits -- I think that was it -- for about $10.

Then we raced off to Linnea's first swim lesson, which she loved. Blowing bubbles while saying "moooo!" is a new favorite activity.

Then after a quick lunch it was girls day at the theater where we saw the third and final musical in our subscription, The Adventures of Spot. I have loved this time with my girl. Next year I think we'll try the symphony.

We had a fun relaxed evening with dinner at home.

Today: church, state park with enormous playground, swimming at the pro club with wine and a book for me (Tim's idea! Really!), and dinner at the club. Whew! Tim says I shouldn't call it "busy" since it was all fun. And it was. Love our family time together!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A welcome sight

Trip details later. It's good to be home. :)