Sunday, June 23, 2013

The origin of Peteman

Decidedly not superhero in origin, the nickname "Peteman" came from this Donut Man song which the Psiaki kids probably know:

"Young man, old man, weak man, strong man, fat man, thin man, heard him call! ...When He calls to me, I will give my all!"

Tim made it up using some of the more relevant phrases in the song, like young man and, in his joking opinion, fat man. We've also been known to incorporate a "Peteman sweetman" line because he is indeed very sweet. :)

On another note, our camping trip was a success! Low on sleep but high on fun. We're already talking about another (and about bringing the air mattresses along).
I'm wiped out for tonight, but, dare I make the promise, pics to come soon!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Time for new cabinets?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sad watermelons, happy day

Today Linnea made up a song about a watermelon that was sad because it got out of the bath and didn't have a long enough towel to dry off. We got to have our neighbor and her baby over for a few hours this morning and then hit the farmers market in the afternoon. It was the first rainy day we've had in a while and the grass sure needs it. A crock pot chili was just the thing at the end of a slower day. And I sure enjoy a slower day once in a while. :)

Picture: Linnea sharing her seat with Peteman at snack time yesterday. (Did you know we call him Peteman? Now you do.)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Linnea's first swim session -- success!

Linnea's last class in her first session of swim lessons was this morning. I am so pleased with how much she learned and enjoyed the class. Her instructor was wonderful, gentle but persistent, and Linnea went from being afraid to get her face wet to blowing bubbles with her eyes in the water. With help, she can float on her back and is learning to make broad strokes with her arms. There were only two other kids in her 30-minute class, so it was almost lime a private lesson. She still hasn't put her head all the way under and has had some frightening times of getting water up her nose, but on the whole is undeterred. It was a different experience foe mw to sit back and watch the instructor deal with her fears and then talk about things afterward, rather than stepping in, but I think we are all growing because of it! She was excited to go to swimming each and every week despite a few uncomfortable moments here and there, and I am very proud of her. We'll miss the instructor, Kirstin, since we decided to change to a weekday class and couldn't make the time when she teaches. But I'm expecting more good things in the weeks ahead!

As an end of session treat we went out for pizza and gelato for lunch while daddy was away at an all-day training at church. Yum!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Petey's 18 month checkup

30 pounds and nearly 36 inches! Wow! He is healthy in every way, with the ear infection already gone, too. We sure love this boy!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Missing pictures

Supposed to have been with the last post!

My people

I think they're really cute. :) Didn't get a great pic of it, but first photo is on the way to church last week and Petey's wearing the adorable plaid overalls Grandma Mary sent for his costume last Halloween, which had been Tim's. They are just darling but proved not the most diaper changing friendly during a rare poopy diaper at church -- oops!

The rest are from Crestwoods park this morning. For the second time I put the kids in the trailer and biked up there. Not super far, but it's mostly uphill so I get a workout. We played a long time in the sun and then discovered this fun stand of trees for them to hide out in.