Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Reformation Day!

A fairy and a Dalmatian. We all got to walk around downtown Duvall for trick-or-treating at local businesses, and there was even a kid party with crafts in the Centennial center (super cute historic library building on Main Street). Living where we do, we'll never have to hand out candy. Beats buying the giant Costco bag every year for only a handful of kids in Kirkland and staring down leftovers for months. (That is, Tim was delighted.) Our crazy full month of changes has come to an end!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tim the tool man

To compensate for my last post:

(Like the 90s sitcom reference?)
Tim fixed our leaking stovepipe. He is great.
The end.

Raking leaves

I may or may not be procrastinating on a post about our trip to California. I could say I just want to block it out of my mind, but the real reason is I have some fun photos to share (we lived to tell the tale AND, yes, did have a bit of fun) that require, yet again, use of my actual computer. So we all know how fast that's coming down the pike. :)

But more recently, this afternoon actually, Linnea, Peter and I got to have some fun in our (chilly! Moist but sunny! Nothing like Silicon Valley!) outdoors. We got the three big rakes, since I don't know where the little one got to -- it feels like forever ago that we actually moved but I'm still having moments like, oh yeah, I wondered where those clothes had been, in some box that I pass by every day, that remind me to cut myself some slack on unpacking.

This was our first experience raking our own leaves, EVER in Washington state. Yes. Unless you count the part of the driveway with the giant copper colored maple leaves Tim did with the kids when we first moved in. (Definitely actual leaf raking, but not on grass, which is what I remember from growing up). In our old house, the only leaves we ever got to/had to rake came from our neighbor's tree. Yep, thanks a bunch. In Queen Anne, waaaaay back in 2007 when Tim and I  first got married, I spent quite a long time raking leaves at our rental house and worked up a good sweat. As I recall, it was right before Jane came to visit and I had let them go for some time. I suppose I didn't want her to think we had a nasty yard or something. Haha. But those weren't technically our leaves, either.

So this was really fun! Linnea kept trying to jump on the pile, even though we didn't completely finish the job so it wasn't that huge. The big rake was too hard for Peter to manipulate, so he played with the old croquet set under the cherry tree and then tried to run away into the woods. At one point I climbed up into an apple tree and tried to shake loose some of the apples that ripened in the last two weeks, but only two came down. They bruised from hitting the ground but were still good cut up. I skipped the driveway under the oak tree because I was worried about messing up the gravel, and I think it looks pretty with all the leaves strewn about. So we ended up with two pretty good piles and a fun time just being in our YARD!

Hmm, all this minutiae might be boring even me. I suppose I could have just said, We raked some leaves today! and left it at that. Maybe I need to get out more. Except that now, home is my favorite place to be. :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

A craft and an outing

Sometimes I take photos of things we do and then forget to share them for a while. Actually, that's the norm. The first week we lived in our new house, I found some craft supplies stashed in the playroom and we did a quick and easy craft. It was on my homeschool calendar, and I didn't have to buy anything special for it. Plus, it was a welcome break from all those boxes.

They are called decoupage candle holders, and basically all you do is attach tissue paper leaves to a votive holder with a glue mix that's half elmer's and half water. The trick is to then paint glue paste over the leaves after they're on so they stay. Even Petey got in on the fun and we've been enjoying the "fires" lit inside them, as he says, at dinnertime. :)

Also, Linnea and I had a special date planned for the Saturday one week after our move. A visit to the symphony! Last year we subscribed to some plays at Seattle Children's Theatre, but the offerings weren't stellar this season, so on recommendation from friends decided to try concerts instead. We loved it. It's quite a drive for us now, but that makes it even a little more special (though will certainly limit our  involvement in the future, I think-- there are eastside performing arts to tap into). Linnea was excited to wear her Christmas dress from last year, which still for owing to the huge size I bought, plus a hair bow, braids, bracelet and necklace. I vetoed the headband on top of it all. :) She is starting to really like accessories! Anyway, the Mother Goose-themed concert was adorable and featured a brass trio from the Seattle Symphony. There were kid sized instruments to hold and play before the performance, as well as coloring pages. The next concert is actually on Peter's birthday, so it will be a family affair. I'm thankful for some special outings with my girl!

**Sorry for the way my phone front loads photos on posts. I wish I could intersperse them with text but no can do. If I had to blog from my laptop, it wouldn't ever happen! And the mobile view is messed up, I know. If I had a web manager, he'd be right on that. :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkin patch and the aftermath

Here's what I was doing while Tim made the applesauce: carving pumpkins. He absolutely refuses. I have no idea why. The smell, the slimy pulp, something about it bothers him. Hence it's been about 10 years since I've carved a pumpkin, maybe a little less if I carved the one I got with my friends during senior year while he was in Boston. People, I've been deprived. So last Sunday Linnea and I carved pumpkins, and Peter colored his with markers. We got them at our favorite patch, Jubilee Farm in Carnation (part of our new neighborhood here in the Snoqualmie Valley), after church. Plus veggie quesadillas and pony rides. It was Peter's first time on a pony and he loved it. Linnea remembered that last year Grandma Mary, Great Grandma Enid, and Aunt Jane were with us to get pumpkins. I wanted to get 5, like how we got 4 the year I was pregnant with Peter, but in the end opted for size over quantity. Oh, and Peter loved the "John Deere tractors!" Wonder where he got that from. ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's a girl!

Tim lost the bet. (He insisted we make one.) (He is also still insisting there are two baby boys hiding somewhere behind this little sister.)

We are all very excited to welcome a sweet baby girl to the family this winter!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sauce boss

With a little help from the Joy of Cooking (my go-to cookbook for recipes I've never tried before; some duds but mostly gems) we made applesauce today. Well, Tim sorted, quartered, simmered, processed (in food mill), and sweetened the applesauce, and I tasted it. Sounds like a good partnership to me. :)

We got about 14 cups with most going in the freezer. We're currently reading The Long Winter (Little House series) and it does feel a bit like squirreling away some provisions for the cold!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Front-yard apple picking

I have a few thoughtful posts rolling around my head, like how I REALLY feel about moving to Duvall (you may be surprised), what our first week here has been like, and some other fun tidbits, like the frogs we hear quacking near the porch. Yep, quacking.

But this one is just for fun. How many people can walk down their driveway and pick apples in their front yard? I never thought I'd be one of them.

Though clearly neglected for years and overgrown with blackberry brambles and neighboring bushes, we got a surprising amount of apples! What you see in the box is from only one tree, and only the part that's facing the road. It's not getting a lot of sunlight elsewhere so the other apples are ripening much more slowly. But man, we're dreaming of next year when we've hopefully been able to clear, prune and fertilize those trees. Apples, apples, here we come!

And the bonus part: they're actually delicious! The super spotty ones will meet their fate in applesauce.

Thank you, dear residential ancestor, for planting those trees. Whoever you are. And thank you God that we get to enjoy them!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

First weekend

A few pics for those wondering about our move. I also posted these on FB. It has overall been great with a lot of help from my mom. I hope to write more about it but for now, kids love it and have taken immediately to their new rooms, I am so thankful but emotional about transition from our Kirkland home, and everybody but Linnea and me has gotten a nasty cold. Tim is much better since Friday night (he carried around a honey bear for his sore throat all day during the move) and has kicked into full handyman mode: raking leaves, pulling weeds, mowing lawn, caulking showers and windows, replacing light bulbs, assembling furniture, fixing toilets, etc. Love this guy. We are so thankful to be here! More to come...