Sunday, August 30, 2015

Petey's big boy bed

Peter also had a big milestone this week- he got a real big boy bed! It is half a bunk bed set up in his room and it works great for him. He'd like to have the top bunk attached, but mama's not ready for that yet. :)

Linnea is 6!

Hip hip hooray! Linnea turned 6 last Friday! We celebrated as a family (including Uncle Logan and Aunt Tiffany) with a trip to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, a Swallows & Amazons themed afternoon tea--complete with seed cake and hard boiled eggs-- presents, and Linnea's request of vanilla cake and strawberry cream cheese frosting, with her name and flowers and fruit on top (like fat Vicki's from the first book). We celebrated hard and then slept hard. Happy birthday to our big, big girl!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It was the first day of the first grade...

We started school yesterday! First grade for Linnea, who will be 6 (!) on Friday, and preschool for Peter. Preschool with be reading books, coloring, baking/kitchen projects (we made blackberry freezer jam today), singing/poems/bible verses, crafts, and whatever Peter wants to join in on from Linnea's history and science curriculum.

Linnea will tell you she's doing 10-15 things for school this year, which is kind of true, but not all at once. We're doing math, reading, science, a history/bible/geography program with a bunch of cool read alouds, and one quarter each of picture study, Spanish, holiday crafts, and nature drawing. There is a writing program that is project based and centers on her narrating stories for me to copy down that we want to get to, but I haven't figured out when to do that yet.

Once a week we do poetry teatime which offers the opportunity for some yummy treats and the use of the china- for Linnea and me- and once a week a nature walk. Keeping piano too. It sounds like a lot but we don't do everything every day. Tim helped me cut back from my big plans that were stressing me out. :) Can't be stressed out when it's only first grade!

We are having a lot of fun so far and I'm grateful to be able to do this!

Oh, and the playroom/school room got a huge makeover. Hooray!

Susie is along for the ride and having fun aplying. She got to ride in the car cart at Safeway for the first time yesterday.