Monday, March 9, 2015

because I feel like writing

hey there -
It's been a while!

And I don't really know where to start.
For the month of February, Tim was off work, claiming the last 4 weeks of his parental leave from Susie's birth.

(I can't believe we just celebrated her birthday!)

We went out of town, completed a ton of house projects, played outside, hosted friends, walked in the woods, and generally lived it up while Daddy was around. I got a break from having Susie in the carrier twice a day and we enjoyed spending most of our hours as a five-some.

Got things tidied up in the mudroom

Dejunked the laundry room/storage

Ahhhhhhh - space! Removed the huge black shelf o' junk and the laundry is all about laundry, once again. Well, and sewing. There is now a new (to us - from the 50s) sewing table & machine on the right hand side of the wall. And the printer is currently living on the floor. Sigh. I knew it couldn't last...

Hooks at the kids' height 

Attic organization and custom hanging bar

Finally! A sea of boxes no more. THANK YOU Timmy. I did not an ounce of work up here.

Painting Pete's room

I LOVE these photos hung from the picture rail! Can't wait to do more

Quilt by Grandma Mary in its rightful place. Peter likes to count the sailboats.

Cinnamon rolls by Chef Tim. He was missing them from work and made a double batch

I got rugs for all the kids' rooms at long last. I hate committing to purchases like that but finally, we have something attractive and soft covering those cold, hard floors! This is Susie's.

We spent a week at Suncadia Resort in the Cascades. Alas, there was no snow, but we had a quiet house all to ourselves, went swimming everyday, played outside in the sunshine (and dodged a lot of elk or Roosevelt deer poop on the ground), and I got a massage at the spa. Ahhhh. I think it's time to go back...

No vacation is complete without new Lego sets!
And I have to mention this, since I will probably forget otherwise: Susie slept THE BEST she ever has in this rental house. We put her pack n play in the closet. After nursing her in the bedroom in a very uncomfortable chair I was able to walk her through the bathroom, plunk her down in the bassinet in the pitch dark, and she went to sleep instantly. Out like a light once her head hit the mat. Every single night for a week. I still can't believe it sometimes. Wow that was God's grace to us! Not the same at home; oh well!

Awesome playground at Suncadia. No snow was okay by us.

She has started to like sleeping on her belly

At the pool

Valentine's Day breakfast

Linnea lost her first tooth at lunchtime on Valentine's Day while we were out for pizza! It was such a fun milestone for her. What a big girl, 5 1/2 and losing teeth!

We had an incredibly sunny and warm February. Tim pulled Susie up to the pasture in the wagon.

Block house Peter built himself

Toward the end of Tim's last week at home, we spent a morning in Kirkland, visiting a new downtown bakery, and walking around our old neighborhood. A favorite stop was our beloved "Turtle Park," where I took the kiddos (back when there were only 2!) several times a week, in the stroller or just walking. Man, we miss that place.

One of the turtles!

We stopped at the library as well. Here, Linnea is looking out the window at the 255 bus (Kirkland to Seattle), which she was pretty much obsessed with after we rode it to visit Tim in Seattle during his jury duty, right before she turned 2. "255 bus!" was a common refrain walking or driving aorund Kirkland.

The old digs. Looks pretty much the same, except the lawn in better tended (ha! we pay for a service), and the blinds are always closed. I don't miss opening them (though, I did). Now we don't even have window coverings downstairs. How the times have changed.

Tulips we planted coming up.

Eyesore taking the place of the two lots at the end of our back alley. A small hair salon and house/carriage house were demolished to make way for townhouses, we hear. Don't mind missing that construction noise! (And, to add: downtown Kirkland is riddled with construction right now. Seemed like everywhere we looked there were more torn-up streets, new building frames, and orange cones. It was not pretty. Knowing it didn't look like paradise helped curb my nostalgia. There are still things I miss, but I'm thankful to not be living in a construction zone.)

And that's the end of our tour for today! I am so thankful for the time we had as a family. We crossed so much off our (my!) list and got some great time together to read, play, and have fun. 

Next up: Tim's new keyboard, my adventures in sewing, and Susie's 1st birthday!

Thanks for reading!