Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Time for some pictures

Linnea made her very own blackberry shortcakes with the meager amount of blackberries we have left on the property. {Read on to find out why.}

Susie and Peter are pretty much best friends. :)

We've been enjoying some extra craft time this summer. The kids made watercolor pictures that they later cut into bookmarks (or photocopied to cut into bookmarks...we have a hard time letting go around here.)

Extra playtime in the yard is always a good thing...

...especially when it involves star sunglasses and croquet.

We've had so much rain the hydrangeas are looking great. Sadly, so are the weeds.

Fourth of July brought us back up to the pasture with some roman candles...

...and now you can see what happened to all the blackberries! Time to plant some grass.

Despite how prolific all the fruit trees have been, we've been slow on the uptake and haven't kept up. Linnea wanted to pit some cherries for me after I weeded out the rotten ones that had been sitting in the fridge. Only got 5.5lbs this year...but they're still tasty.

This was an accidental photo, but the box has only most of the books we'll be using for school next year. It's been sitting there for a few weeks because it's too heavy for me to take upstairs. I have mixed feelings every time I walk by--so excited and yet still waiting for a good streak of warm weather! Come on, summer!

Everything necessary for taking care of a baby: owl backpack, check. Ukelele, double check.

Petey built himself a truck out of blocks.

Blackberry removal = access to an awesome tree for a rope swing. Tim has better pictures of the kids, which I'll post later if I remember.

Peter way ahead of me on a trail at our favorite park. I got him going once and it was bye bye, mom!

Susie got sad she couldn't wear her "flippy floppies" in the house, so Linnea made her a pair of paper ones. Yep, they pretty much ripped right away but were so adorable!

Swim lessons the last two weeks were a huge hit. Linnea is doing great and can swim 20 yards on her own. Big, big change from last time we did lessons a couple of years ago. And Peter loved it from the get-go. He always had a smile on his face. 

Susie snuggled with baby sister on the sidelines. :)

We picked some raspberries after swimming one day and made some jam. Peter is the funniest guy--he will get excited about picking ANY fruit, but he will NOT eat it. Not even a taste.

Cutie pie.

Summer apples

Of the three apple trees when we inherited when we moved here, one seems to grow fruit faster and drop it before autumn is even in the air. Last summer we noticed too late to do anything, but a few weeks ago I made a mental note to consider the possibility of summer apples.

I'm not sure why our unknown apple-loving forebear chose to plant two different varieties of apple trees in this mini-orchard, but maybe he or she enjoyed making what we enjoyed today...

July Apple Pie!

{For the record, Tim isn't convinced these are actually summer apples; but I see trees like ours around, with similar looking fruit all sadly hitting the pavement when popsicles rather than pumpkin pie spice are on the brain. A quick look at the Seattle Tree Fruit Society's identification site leads me to believe these could be "Pristine" apples. But we may never know.}

Tim was pretty surprised to see a pie sitting on the counter when he got home. His conclusion was that it "tasted like an apple pie made with unripe apples." :) Susie seemed to agree: she likes peeled apple slices, but wouldn't eat these. But I like my apples a little on the tart side anyway, and Linnea and I gave the pie two thumbs up. Peter did what he always does when fruit dessert is on the menu...
he ate a cookie instead.