Tuesday, August 16, 2016

House paint and some other things

Like Dave and Mandy, we've gotten our house painted. Painters were here for 12 days and it was quite the marathon. There are still some carpentry details to be taken care of (rotted wood) and touchups, but it's looking good.

And some other photos too...

House after being pressure washed and scraped. I promise it wasn't this bad before!

They like to read together :)

We often see the same mama deer (she has claw (?) marks on her side) and her two fawns. They like to eat the rotting fallen apples under our one tree that's been dropping them for weeks. I found them like this when arriving home from a dr. appt. last week, painters around and all.

Though he pedals his red bike at the park, the Strider is the favorite at home. Last week Petey discovered riding down the hill from the sequoia tree to the driveway.

Susie makes this face at strangers in the grocery store and they get all offended!

Making Italian plum jam at night last week. A couple hours a night, Monday through Friday. If you come visit, you WILL get to try some. No exceptions. :)

Garden is doing okay. Looks like the potatoes got eaten but we still have our tomatoes and squash! (And chives!)

Violin jam.

Doesn't Petey look like a bike mechanic??

At Chick-Fil-A in Bellevue! Aunt Mandy!

Ironing fabric for the doll dress we're attempting to make before starting back to school

Petey's castle

Finished house!

All geared up for the hoedown (long story short, hosted by our friends at their barn as a charity event)! Now EVERYBODY has cowboy boots & hats...

...even me. :)

Line dancing at the hoedown.

Giant collage with art materials we won at the hoedown silent auction.

Playing Uno with the new card holders Tim made with a few quick cuts of the saw.

Plum pie for everyone!

Dirt sledding. We're real rednecks now!

Linnea loves her crimpy hair after braids :)

Susie can push 4 babies at once! They may or may not arrive at the park alive ;)

Visit with Uncle Mike and Jakey Boy

We had a great time with these two wild & crazy guys in late July!

Only this one deserves a caption. They were trying to start a fire "Bearenstein Bears style." 
(It didn't work.)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Orcas Island

We had a great time on Orcas Island again this year! We've been twice with the kiddos now (this and last July), and also spent time there while on our honeymoon 9 years ago.

Highlights this trip were hikes to some waterfalls and around Mountain Lake (4mi!) in Moran State Park, driving up Mt. Constitution twice and getting ice cream, playing and fishing at Cascade Lake, going out in a rowboat, hiking to Deception Pass and seeing adult and baby starfish (purple and orange!), Daddy building a driftwood longhouse-type-thing at the beach, and lots of time playing cards & games back at the rental house. Riding the ferry to and from the island is always a hit, too.

And cookies. Lots of cookies.

Orcas is shaped like an inverted "U" and we stayed on the inner East side. Every night flocks of Canada geese swam or flew down the Sound with many loud honks heralding their progress.

On the ferry

Reenacting a photo from when Linnea was 2, and we took her and baby Peter to Bainbridge Island (very close to Seattle), and she refused to look up for the picture :)

Tim took the time to count all the rings on this felled tree. I forget how many there were...it was more than a hundred.

On top of Mt. Constitution! Not pictured is the tower built in the 1930s that has a tiny observation platform. That's water in the background under the clouds; from here you can see all the surrounding islands, Canada, and the mainland where we sailed from on the ferry.

I think they're playing cribbage

Playing a game Tim invented where you throw pebbles on the rock and try to get them to stay...something like that. It turned into dumping pebbles onto the rock as fast as possible before other people could brush them all off.

Fishing! A fun anniversary present from us to the kids ;)

Everybody caught tiny rainbow trout. Nothing was big enough to keep, so Tim bought a fish at the grocery store and grilled it as part of dinner that night. Linnea was game, but the other two preferred the halibut.

Pre-breakfast game of checkers (with an odd chess piece cause we lost one). I think the rest of us had finished eating before they finished the game.

Headed home. Bye, Orcas! See you next year!