Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Linnea's 7th birthday

Linnea turned 7 at the end of last month! (28th) My mom was here visiting and we had a great time putting on a party for her at a nearby farm run by Redmond City Parks, complete with pony rides. It was our first time hosting a drop-off party for just her friends (ie not the whole family, siblings, etc, except for ours and a couple parents who stayed to help), and it went really well. The birthday girl had a good time. :)

We also had a low-key day the next day for her actual birthday, and enjoyed a Derby pie (Linnea's request) for dessert. Can't believe she is so big!

Friends and Peter and Susie at the party

Linnea was amused and slightly annoyed that her friends kept urging her to "rip the paper!" NOT a Linnea trait.

Building a solar powered robot from her friend Luke

Susie was sad it wasn't her turn to open presents :(

Watch out, Psiaki family! Catan is in the house! Peter always wins longest road. Susie likes to knock the pieces off the board :)

New sewing basket from daddy, and a stack of out of print books I was able to find for her via online independent stores (they are Little House "prequels," written in the last 20 years about Laura's mother Caroline as a can go nuts and even read the series about her mother, Charlotte, and her mother, Martha, as well as Laura's daughter Rose, all by different modern day authors).

Playtime in the fabrics from Grandma and Grandpa


At the American Girl store north of Seattle for lunch last weekend as a belated birthday girls' date, with Samantha :)