Monday, October 17, 2016

Some pictures of school and general goings-on

We've just started our 7th week of school, and things have been going well! Linnea is in 2nd grade, Peter is doing pre-k, and Susie is along for the ride. :) For the most part the resources I picked have been working out great, but I have mixed feelings about what I chose for history/literature and will probably go a different direction next year. Since this isn't a homeschooling blog I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say we are learning and having fun! (And getting ready for a little fall break when baby sister makes her appearance later this week!)

First day of school signs. Susie's says "play school" :)

First day of school breakfast

She loves playing with dollies

Poetry teatime: our Wednesday afternoons

Linnea with the Little House skillet cornbread she made

Peter was sick, so Susie was reading to him

Tim got the white hutch on the white for free from someone at work, and Peter and Susie spent about a week making a castle out of it. The cones are the turrets. :) Peter would go hunting and bring back squirrels and stuff. It was pretty awesome.

Building a Lego set together

Cutie pie at rest time

We learned about ancient Sumer and so the kids built a ziggurat with a path to something else (I forget what)

Giant hydrangea at a park!

Folding clean clothes for baby sister! Any Psiakis remember this knit hat?

First day at our Thursday co-op, Legacy. Linnea has a book club class and a geography class, and Peter is in a bible class. Susie hangs out with me. We stay for lunch with some friends and then head home.

Peter in his bible class on the first day

Susie occupying herself while we sat in on Peter's class

We started learning how to do chalk pastels this year and usually use Thursday afternoons after co-op for art

Reading together. They are like two peas :)

Oh, and Susie went to the dentist. She did great except when the male dentist came in and wanted to count her teeth. Funny how not doing TV makes the kids waaay less aware of things like Daffy Duck (the dentist tried his duck voice on her and it did nothing, ha!). 

Notice the Cinderella high heels while pushing the baby in the bulldozer

Last warm days

Remembering how to swaddle a baby :)

We found an awesome climbing tree on a nature walk with some new friends from co-op

Susie got to have a hot chocolate all by herself one morning when she was up early :)

We took daddy back to the nature preserve we'd visited with friends, and it was essential that he teach the kids how to dam up a stream


October 4, 2016. Three years in our house!

Her legs are long enough for her birthday trike now! She calls it a "tri-ki-sill". Love it. 

Another Little House recipe: fried salt pork! It was good.

With their Egyptian collars (thick necklaces) from our Ancient Egypt study

Susie's latest hobby is de-robing at every opportunity :)

Leaf pile!

Some play doh art on a weekend when I was feeling fine with things like sequins and dyed feathers...

Another climbing tree on another nature walk. I think this is the first time Susie's gotten up into a tree by herself.

Hard to see but there is a tiny grasshopper on the leaf Linnea's holding

Playing Go Fish at co-op

Peter made the Super-Duper from Homer Price out of pattern blocks

Playing outside today in the first sunshine after many days of rain...though not such a storm of a lifetime as predicted, phew!

Happy October, everyone!