Sunday, December 11, 2016

Duck lips and snow days

I tried to get a photo of Susie's duck lips for comparison to KC's morning face:

Of course, I couldn't find an old one, and she can't really do it on command, as you see here. But this was pretty cute.

Also, it snowed a few days this week and we got to enjoy building snowmen several times and sledding down our hill. It didn't snow at all last year so this was a big deal! On Monday I got down the old snow boots from the attic. Susie has moved up to Peter's size, and Peter to Linnea's, and Linnea needs new ones. We didn't get a ton of snow but it was really fun. I was especially impressed with Susie's bravery on the sled by herself. She is a champ! And thanks Aunt Jane and Uncle James for the snowman kit!