Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekend snapshots

Tim under his new canopy for smoking meat. He's got quite the setup now for our rainy (and all of a sudden, snowy! see below) fall weather. We enjoyed hosting friends for BBQ last night.

The temps have dropped and we've had snow off and on since Friday. The world looked like this before when we got up this morning but most melted off in the subsequent rain before we got home. Kids got to go outside with Daddy while I made dinner. :)

This dress, circa Christmas 1985. I don't think any of the other girls have worn this old dress of mine, so it was fun to have Gloria in it for church. I forgot the ergo for her nap so she played instead of sleeping. :/

Monday, October 30, 2017

First coding lessons

Gloria is in the baby class :)

Linnea ate it up. Lookout, world! Google engineer gen 2 possibly on the way!
(With a healthy reading habit inherited from Mom ;) )

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our visit to the South

We had a very fun time traveling to Georgia to visit family, introduce Gloria around to the Psiaki grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and swim in the Atlantic. The travel went pretty well all in all, and while I'm not itching to get right back on an airplane, we know we can do it with 4 kids!

Our first stop was Peachtree City, GA, to visit Aunt Mandy, who wasn't going to make it down to the beach. Aunt Karen's parents were gracious enough to allow us to use their pool as a meeting place, even though they had a major renovation going on, and weren't even in the country!

The pool was enjoyed by all; Linnea and Peter got their very first sunburns because we weren't as liberal with the suncreen the first day as we had thought. :( But those healed up pretty quickly.

My aunt and uncle, Jane and Steve, whom we hadn't seen since our wedding (Tim anyway; I saw them shortly afterward when Papa died), and hadn't met any of our kids, drove down from their place on the other side of Atlanta to spend the afternoon. It was really fun to spend the time with them! Susie in particular got the best of Uncle Steve's silliness because she was acting shy--I had forgotten how good he is with kids! And Gloria was a charmer. 

Let's do it again before another decade goes by! 

Gloria got to play on the pool deck with Grandma.

We visited the Chick-Fil-A headquarters south of Atlanta and had lunch with Aunt Mandy on her birthday. It was super memorable first for the massive table we occupied, complete with balloons, and second because there was a fire drill at the end of lunch! We were a little unsure where to go despite there being several exits, and ended up on a patio abutting a construction project. We had to walk through caution tape and gravel to get back to the parking lot, oops! But everyone was safe. Imagine the sirens of fire engines in the background as Mark hailed a passerby in the parking lot for this photo...

Mandy is due on August 11 with their second child, a baby boy! (Big sister KC isn't pictured because she was at the on-site daycare during our lunch). 

Blessings to you, Mandy, as you await the arrival of your sweet little guy!

On Saturday the 15th we were off to Tybee Island, where Mary and Mark had rented two cottages near the beach. Over the course of the week, we got to visit with Uncle Mike, Aunt Karen, Jacob, and Daniel (who we met for the first time!); Uncle Dave and KC; Aunts Sarah, Liz, Lydia, and Rebekah; Aunt Jane and Uncle James; and Great Aunt Donna, who flew in from Colorado.

Some highlights were:

Kids swimming in the Atlantic, a first for each of them but Linnea

Linnea, Peter, and Susie trying boogie boarding (and Linnea was especially good at it!)

Visiting the Tybee Island Lighthouse and Keeper's Cottage

Ice cream and chocolate malt treats

Playing with the waterways tubes Grandma brought (like a marble run with connecting pieces, except for pouring water through)

Cam's early morning walks on the beach with Gloria

And the special anniversary cake we shared with everyone on Tuesday night (a few days in advance of our 10th anniversary, since that was the day everyone overlapped). 

On to the pictures!

Found some Spanish moss! Or musgo, as it's now known around here. :)

On the road!

Walking out the boardwalk to the beach!

Gloria's first dip in the Atlantic! And yes, I did wear my cowboy hat almost all the was my sun hat!

Cousins and Uncle Tim with the banjo

Susie got to read with Aunt Jane

Walking out to Tybee pier during one of Gloria's early mornings. (It was also a fruitless search for a to-go latte. Toto, we are not in Seattle anymore!)

The cake, after I had removed the plastic so it could thaw hidden at Mark and Mary's rental. 

Made it all the way from Ithaca! It may need a post of its own...

One of the chief secret cake enablers! (The other two were Karen and her sister, Linda, at whose house it was delivered on dry ice.)

Cute Daniel asleep on the beach!

Sea turtle nest


Sand bar

Lego sets from Uncle Mike

All the grandkids (except Daniel) around Grandma

At the top of the light house, before heading out on the catwalk. It was a long way down! Everyone did a great job climbing the 170+ steps on the circular iron staircase. It was a little scary being about the see between the steps. And hot! We high tailed it back down (doing the fastest two-hands-on-the-railing crawl we could) after a peek outside.

Bubbles with Aunt Lydia

The fancy cake box. Wedding cake, glass, whatever it takes for it to ship safely!

This leopard costume was unearthed at the bottom of the toy box Grandma brought, and Gloria thought it was hilarious when Peter crawled toward her and growled. :)

BBQ in Charleston! We opted to drive the two hours to SC instead of the 4 back to Atlanta to fly home, so we spent an extra night away.

Notice the cow painting in the background. I kind of fell in love with it. You may be seeing it again...

Through the window is the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier at Patriot Point

Cool bridge into Charleston

On the plane and ready to go home

We only sat for an hour on the tarmac while they made sure the airplane door, which hadn't closed all the way, was closed "enough"! Sheesh. 

We made it! 

Thank you to everyone who made this a fun trip! 

Mike took a bunch of great family photos on the beach, but those will have to come in a separate post.