Thursday, February 23, 2017

Petey's undersea world

Sweet boy loves to draw. (He also loves shorts, and his Christmas sweater.) Here in his drawing you can find an octopus with the correct number of tentacles, a smiley star fish, two sea urchins, a fish, and a pretty impressive crab. Tim bought this white board for playing pictionary and Peter likes to draw on it other times also. I love this little guy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pretty girls outside

On 4 weeks left of winter! Our daffodils and tulips are coming up, though, and it's beginning to look a lot like spring.

On Gloria: hat by my friend Nancy, blanket by my friend Esther, sweater by Great Grandma Jean (made for Peter I think).

Ballerinas and a conveyor belt

Girl fun, boy fun :)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Missing photos

Oops, missed some photos I described in my last post. And Gloria weighs a bit over 17 pounds EDITED TO SAY: almost 18#! I reread the paper when we got home. 17 pounds, 15 oz. Still at the top of the charts.

Squid. We were making Chinese paper lanterns but Peter had other plans. :)

Chalk pastels. A regular art activity on Thursdays after co-op.

Petey made a really big snowman. I love the scarf! He went on to add the rest of our snowman family (I think this was Daddy.)

Reading to Gloria :)

Gloria chunk is 4 months old!

Happy 1/3 year (yesterday the 19th) to Glory baby! While I won't be able to update as extensively as Karen does, which is so fun to read, here are some photos. Gloria rolled front to back twice Saturday so that was a fun milestone. She is generally happy, chatty, and will laugh if you work for it (but smiles come freely). She particularly seems to like smiling at Peter.

We're working on transitioning her to sleeping in her/our bed some for bedtime instead of being in the Moby or Ergo all the time for sleep. A big win the last few days has been one long nap a day snuggling in the rocking chair, which means I get to sit down! Tim also got her in her crib for a nap this morning while I was out on a mama date with Linnea and sent me a clip of her sucking her thumb on the Nest cam.

Anybody else have a thumb sucker? Gloria is our first and it's sooo adorable. :)

Her 4m appt is later today so then we'll see what she weighs. I did bust out the 6-9m clothes this week so that should tell you something.

Here are photos of her yesterday (in diaper...Love that biting-the-bottom-lip face babies do at this age; Peter comments on it too). Also a photo of Tim and Peter as twins building a marble run, chalk pastels, the paper squid Peter made, the Duplo Gloria (see Peter holding up the photo album with toddler Linnea and the Duplo version of HIM before he was born), Linnea's Duplo barn, and playing outside this week (in which the kids made mud pies and filled up various containers with water from the rain runoff stream on our hillside). :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Big snow

The biggest snow we've gotten here in Duvall. Probably 4-5 inches. Lots of downed branches around the property with the heavy, wet snow, and the little tree in front of our house is a goner. We went around shaking snow from tree limbs and exploring what the world was looking like with this much white stuff. Snow fort, snow angels, and the requisite snowball in the face all accomplished. 

We enjoyed the day with the generator on after about a 13-hr power outage (starting middle of the night), and just when Tim had rigged up the old blue blanket as a curtain between our kitchen/dining/family room and the front of the house (to keep the heat from the propane stove in), the power went back on. 

Sky, however, will not be playing the snow anymore (see last photo).