Friday, March 31, 2017

A medieval feast in the making, and the return of the sun

We've been studying the Middle Ages the last few weeks in school, and I allowed things to get craftier than they normally do, with making some medieval costumes out of fabric from Grandma (fabric peasant shoes, from a library book) and little paper princess hats with ribbons. Peter has a cardboard shield and sword, and I have an empty milk jug waiting to be turned into a knight's helmet. Our "feast" is tomorrow night, with these cobbled-together costumes -- to be added to dress-ups from the playroom -- and a mock-Medieval menu. We'll see how it goes. :) 

We also did some chalk pastels listening to Odyssey again yesterday, and Peter has a particularly good one with a bird's nest, which you can see on the counter below.

Princess hat!

Peasant shoes

Peter's bird's nest on bottom right. Craft materials everywhere else!

We also had some great sun and temps above 50 today, and we packed a bunch of stuff and went to our favorite park, Perrigo. Soccer balls, bread and pb and muffins for lunch, picnic blanket and bumbo seat for Gloria, jackets, water bottles all stuffed in the stroller, which must have been fun to watch me walk across the park to the soccer fields with 4 kids in tow. A lady in the restroom remarked I was a "supermom" with good patience. Well, I'm not a fan of that term, but I do enjoy being an "ambassador" of sorts for seeing your kids as blessings, and while I am genuinely enjoying these guys while we are out and about, I am always aware of how my mothering may be viewed by others. Toting around a bunch of stuff and little people isn't always easy, but I am so glad I get to do it, and I really like showing the world that a family isn't an inconvenience to some other life I'd rather be living! 

This little lady, by the way...

...had her first ride in a swing!

And down a slide...

...but there was a quivering lip when I held her and gently slid her down myself (without Linnea). She didn't like that much. And she positively screamed when I tried putting her in the stroller seat for the first time. Up til now she's just been clicked in while already in the car seat, and has always been fine (as fine as she is in the car, that is, which is either happy or not happy depending on how soon she needs to nap).

Picnic by one of the baseball dugouts. This park has a playground, lots of open space to run, and trails. With the soccer balls the kids spent a lot of time running around and playing follow the leader on the field lines. Yay for homeschool PE!

Now for a couple random other shots from the week:

bag lady!

And another watercolors/clay with Odyssey photo. :)

Happy weekend, all!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Baby feet and other sweet things

We got a new table, Amish made. A bunch of you should all come visit at once so we can try out the 10 leaves!

Friday, March 10, 2017

It isn't spring yet...

...but we are hoping it will be soon! I mean, it WILL be soon, but it would be nice for it to FEEL like spring! 

(The furnace broke and it's been in the 30s at night/morning. The usual "put on a sweater" temps inside our house have gotten a little more serious. So we've generally been hanging out by the propane stove. :)

Here are some things that kept us busy this week.

We are studying the Middle Ages. Today Peter made a knight's shield with his coat of arms.

Linnea working on her shield

Kids piling into the chair that came with our new sofa & love seat yesterday. It's, um, BIGGER than we expected and we may need to rearrange the room. But it's soooo comfy! :)

We spent a pretty frigid 30 mins at a park this week. Susie likes the recliner-like swings they have for special needs kids in the area. Buckling in is a must.

Can't study the middle ages without building your own castle! My favorite part is the gatehouse made with Magna Tiles in the front. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Susie's 3rd Birthday

We had lots of fun celebrating our sweet, joyful girl on her birthday yesterday. 3! Can't believe it. We started out with crumb cake for breakfast and then a relaxed family party that included finger painting, an indoor treasure hunt that led to a hot chocolate bar, playing in the woods, lunch, presents, and cake. I think the birthday girl had a fun time and we were grateful my parents could be here, along with Uncle Logan and Aunt Tiffany.