Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It had to happen sometime... ?

During rest time yesterday, Susie was doing a craft with scissors maybe 15 feet away from me, and when I glanced over at the floor I found this...

I asked her if she knew she was cutting her hair, given that she didn't have a ponytail in and was leaning down toward the table to cut out her flower petals. Could have been an accident, right?

Nope. Turns out she was experimenting.

Right under my nose!

You can see the shorn locks on the left side of her face (and a little bit on the right side, pretty short, gasp!)

I am honestly not upset about it. Could have been a lot worse. She could have taken off a lot more than this before I noticed!

Susie has, this last year, been the trickiest child to watch. This is the kid who draws on walls and blocks, is constantly running to the bathroom with a toy to wash in the sink, and is the first to ask to "go barefooting" outside. Linnea and Peter never did those things! Sigh. I love her.

But I'll miss those little curls.

(I had a big long post started to write about Gloria a month ago...how she was sitting up and eating food. Now she's crawling and pulling up to stand, having turned 7 months last Friday. I guess that's as far as I'll get with my update for now!)