Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer kids club

I think it was back in February that Linnea, Peter, and Susie made these signs for their "summer kids club," complete with putting on shorts and t-shirts and camping out in a hallway. Now, with soaring temps and several pitchers of lemonade (and limeade popsicles!) later, their dreams have finally come true!

Official club business

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

End of the school year recap

We are excited for the official start of summer tomorrow: it has been a typically rainy June! Our school year ended June 2, and it was an amazing year. We really had a blast learning together and enjoyed our first year being part of a co-op (Legacy, in Redmond).

Adding a baby to our homeschool routine was challenging but not nearly as derailing as I'd anticipated - by God's grace! We thoroughly enjoyed time studying history and literature, math, science, memory work (bible verses, hymns, poems), handwriting, art, geography, spelling, and lots of reading aloud and playtime. I am so thankful for our year and the many rich experiences we had together. I don't have the brain power to do a full re-cap of our studies but I am regularly amazed that I *get* to do this.

We've joined Heritage, a similar co-op in Bellevue (slightly farther away), for next school year as they have more classes geared toward younger elementary and preschool. And we've already received much of the resources I've purchased for 2017-2018, which the kids have been leafing through with interest. BUT, summer vacation activities (which largely resemble our school activities-- lots of reading and playing and investigating answers to our questions), are in full effect! Hope you enjoy the photos below.

{Also, our newly minted 8-month-old Gloria is now a speedy crawler, curious couch-side cruiser, and eager participant in family meals. I've never had such enthusiastic eater and since she eats almost 100% table food, it's also the most blessedly convenient feeding situation I've had at this age!}

Happy Father's Day x4 to Mr. Tim! This was shortly before he commenced making M&M pancakes for the kids for breakfast.

Cute happy girl with a muffin.

Sisterly love.

Recreating a shot from when Linnea got her first big girl pedal bike at age 5. Everyone gets an upgrade!

Lunch at Subway after an outing to the eye dr for me to get new glasses. I wear them only at night, and I think the pair I have now is from high school!

Can't even see Linnea in the distance. Susie tried hard to keep up with Peter's old Strider (balance) bike and is game to practice more. I had to rein in my expectations on this particular walk since it used to be Susie in the stroller and we could go much faster! But this is my favorite park (Perrigo), and we visit weekly!

I think Peter wanted to take pictures up in Gloria's room before bedtime one night, so this is one of the better shots ;)

Oh boy. Baby loves the banjo. Tim loves the evening "dance party" he's started after dinner and has a rapt audience from this little sweetie.

Peter built himself a snow plow :)

Linnea here, giving her recitations of a couple bible verses and poems she'd memorized during the year.

Homemade kites (paper, yarn, toilet paper tube) in the sun!

Smiles and baby mohawk

Little girls wearing aprons, and Psiaki baby toy relic! Enjoyed by the next generation since 2009. :)

Our old stroller finally bit the dust after nearly 8 years. Man I loved that thing. Tim encouraged me to try a BOB since I wanted to use a stroller regularly on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail across the street from our house, and I now enjoy weekly Saturday morning walk/jogs with this little cutie and the dog - not pictured- who makes it a little tough trying to run as a newbie with a jogging stroller! Given I haven't really gone running for any meaningful length of time since Linnea was born, only here and there, it is a learning experience in more ways than one! But I love the stroller. 

Stand-upper :)

Peter's printer made from blocks. Paper goes in on the right and exits through the blocks on the left. He was very articulate explaining how it worked.

Last poetry teatime of the year with Uncle Logan. I bought the motherlode of sweets from a Redmond bakery, right after a dentist appointment, haha!

Sweet Susie sprawled for sleep :)

A sunny Sunday in the yard after church

Big kids!

Ice cream!!!