Thursday, July 6, 2017

Afternoon moment

July Fourth Fun!

We were invited to brunch at the home of some new church friends in Bothell on the Fourth, so Tim took the big kids and I caught up with Gloria after her nap to walk down from their place to the parade. Having not planned to attend the Carnation parade this year, it was a fun surprise for the kids! It was a serious parade too -- 1.5 hours and LOTS of groups = lots of candy and stickers and trinkets. Gloria didn't seem bothered by the noise and commotion, and thankfully we got a bit of shade, and she even had a decent second nap out in the elements. A good time was had by all and we are thankful for these new relationships we are forming.

It was warm but Susie insisted on the jeans. Watch how much closer she gets to this nice lady sitting on the curb near her...

Sunny shot :)

Watching, eating candy, and shoulder to shoulder with the nice lady.

Tim preparing kids for the Seattle Seafair Pirates' ship and cannon. They have one or several of these amphibious vehicles used for the Seattle Duck Tours (I've been on one with the fam in Boston as a teen) and the pirates are pretty hilarious. But the cannon, preceded by a siren so you know it's coming, is LOUD. Kids were unfazed.

Pirate ship and pirate. The guy doing the cannon seemed to be hammering in powder and it definitely got smoky!

Full on snuggle from Susie with this lady. Oh my goodness, we have our hands full with this girl. Afterwards I apologized/thanked her for letting Susie invade her personal space. Sounded like she had grandkids and didn't mind at all. I love our sweet Susie!

The second half of our festivities commenced at dinner with Logan and our cousin Adam, who is out staying with Logan and Tiffany for a while. It had been 4 years since we'd seen him so it was really fun to catch up. He was awesome with the kids and we hope to hang out with him some more while he's in the Seattle area. And he was a great helper with fireworks too (so was Logan! It was a three-man show!)

No home fireworks display would be complete without a massive American flag on a pole. Everybody had fun taking turns with it (and we were pretty careful to keep it mostly off the ground).

Wagon loaded with chairs and fireworks.

Logan got to walk the flag up to the pasture.

Look at this!!! This grass grew on its own! Tim mowed a fair amount of it (you can see some tall grass he left in the background) so we could do the fireworks. Amazing what nature will do when left untended (and yes, there are still blackberries to be reckoned with as well). We are super thankful for this little park we have here in our backyard!

The fire extinguisher was present but unneeded.

Susie all set for the show.

Linnea and her sparkler.

Susie liked the sparklers too!
They were different than the ones I grew up with, which were just silver tip to tip. These had colored paper and burned as they fizzled. 

Gloria taking a break in the wagon.

Sparklers with cousin Adam!

Little girls are cute :)

Who's happy in this picture?

At one point Logan and Tim were running different directions, having lit different fireworks many yards away from us. It wasn't dark out (I like my bedtime routines; we let them stay up an extra hour) but still very fun.

Tim took a victory lap around the pasture when all the fireworks were spent.

Susie like Tim's sledgehammer which was used for pounding in some
 pvc pipe that held the fireworks steady.

Cleaning up

Cousin reunion! Am I really that short?? :)